Geoclue web service uses nanohttp which does blocking call

Sachin Gole svgole at
Fri Mar 6 02:22:39 PST 2009

Hi all,

Geoclue uses nanohttp from libxml2 for web service.

This methods does blocknig call. so for any web request it waits to finish

1. Why Geoclue wont use curl as backend to resolve web services.

2. In case of geocode-example,

As per my obeservation,

 geoclue_position_get_position_async and geoclue_position_get_position, both
this API functions same

because for downloading it uses nanohttp from libxml2,

geoclue_position_get_position API will return after downloading finished

and geoclue_position_get_position_async API will emit signal after
downloading completes and then it returns.

so it do not seems asynchronous.



Sachin Gole.
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