[glu3-devel] Still in development?

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Sun Jan 9 14:13:19 PST 2011

On Saturday, January 08, 2011 09:42:22 pm Cameron Berkenpas wrote:
> Hello,
> Is glu3 still under active development? There hasn't been any traffic on
> this list since July.

It does seem to have calmed down a bit, but definitely hasn't been abandoned.  
I'd venture that (aside from Ian being busy) the lull is because the 
foundation's in place and working pretty well these days.  If there are things 
you'd like to see added, definitely send a shout to the list.
> I'm guessing matrices are meant to be passed to OpenGL via glLoadMatrix and
> glUniformMatrix. Is there a way to specifically convert a matrix to the
> desired GLfloat * format or must this be done manually?

Assuming "mvp" is a GLUmat4, you can do:
glUniformMatrix4fv(mvp_location, 1, false, (float *) &mvp);

This works due to the memory layout of GLUmat4 and GLUvec4: the first entry of 
a GLUmat4 is an array of four GLUvec4 (column vectors) and each GLUvec4 is an 
array of four GLfloats.  So you actually already have 16 floats in the 
appropriate format.

That's a bit unintuitive though...perhaps it'd make sense to have a 
gluUniformMatrix function that takes a GLUmat4 and just does this.

You definitely don't want glLoadMatrix, as that's part of the old fixed function 
stuff that was deprecated and removed in 3.2's core profile.

> -Cameron
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