GStreamer integration for Android Gingerbread

Edward Hervey edward.hervey at
Tue Apr 12 10:32:49 PDT 2011

Hi everybody,

  Over the past few months, we've been working at Collabora Multimedia
on updating the work previously done to integrate GStreamer in Android
to support all current multimedia use-cases on Android.

  This provides a fully compatible backend to all public Java/NDK API
that uses GStreamer instead of stagefright.

  You can find the various instructions here [1] to build a Gingerbread
system image using latest GStreamer modules to test in emulators or
devices (currently only Nexus S has been tested, but support for other
devices should be trivial).

  This release centralizes all the work on
and avoids the previous lack of a central place to go to for the latest
code. As well as this, we have reduced the changes/hacks required to
get GStreamer integrated as much as possible, allowing users to benefit
from GStreamer changes quickly and easily.

  This is now made far easier thanks to the Androgenizer [2] tool from
Collabora's Derek Foreman, which allows auto*-style modules to be built
on Android by just requiring a few lines to be added to existing
automake files, making it both trivial to add such modules to an
Android build system and far easier to update/sync to upstream changes.
  The main upstream GStreamer modules have already been converted to
using Androgenizer, so you'll benefit from changes in upstream
GStreamer modules on the spot.

  A few minor commits to gst-plugins-bad and gst-openmax haven't been
merged yet, due to some issues we need to iron out in a cleaner
fashion, but if you use the local_manifest.xml we will update it
whenever switch of repositories happen.

  Questions and comments can be asked on the gstreamer-android
mailing-list [3],

  Thanks for your interest,


Edward Hervey <edward.hervey at>
Collabora Multimedia

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