[gst-announce] GStreamer 'Most Eventful Ever' 0.3.0 released

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Fri Dec 14 16:01:03 PST 2001


The GStreamer team is happy to announce another release of the GStreamer
streaming-media framework. GStreamer now contains close to 100 plugins
for reading, writing and manipulating audio and video files. However
many of these functions are under heavy development and your mileage may
vary from time to time. This means this release of GStreamer is still
mostly aimed at developers, but users wanting to experiment can test
gstreamer using its commandline interface documented in the
gstreamer-launch man page and in the wiki. We also bundle a sample media
player, but we can make no promises as to whether this will actually
work for you or not. The next release will include our new rewritten

This release includes for the first time an event system and dynamic
parameters. Many new plugins have been created. This will probably be
the last release featuring our old media player sample application as we
have a new one ready soon which is a a complete rewrite with much saner
code behind it.

Substantial work has been put into trying to minimise the number of
memcpy() operations in a file-based pipeline, both with a new 'filesrc'
plugin that makes much better use of mmap(), and an efficient by
testream API for plugins that makes extensive use of the
buffer-management features.

Special thanks goes to Thomas Vander Stichele for this release as he has
put in a lot of work to clean up our build system for this release.
Another deserving a special mention is Wim Taymans who not only has put
a lot of work into the core, but also has been keeping a lot of the
plugins up to date with the changes in the core.

However, please remember that GStreamer is not a product for end users,
it's for developers who wish to write applications that have better
media handling support. If the player crashes, don't be surprised, we
probably already know why. Howver, if your new GStreamer-based
application crashes, we want to know about it and help you fix the

    * New event system
    * New dynamic-parameter system
    * New powerful bytestream interface
    * A new filesrc with better mmap() behavior
    * MIPS cothreads
    * More API documentation updates
    * Lots of plugin updates, especially to work with new event system
    * GstThread deadlock fixes/cleanup
    * Lots of state change fixes
    * Plugable schedulers
    * Reworked the plugin system, anything can be added to a plugin now
    * Totally reworked mpeg/avi demuxers
    * Lots of code cleaning in core modules and core plugins
    * Preliminary Perl (using SWIG) & Java bindings (in cvs module
    * Solaris build fixes
    * Documentation now builds if gtk-doc is installed

New Plugins

    * playondemand
    * silence
    * rtpsend
    * resample
    * lavencode
    * sid
    * qcam
    * mikmod
    * a52dec
    * libdvdread
    * gstcontrol
    * speed
    * bytestream
    * basicscheduler

More details on these features can be found, along with the release
tarballs and some RPMs, on the project's website:/


GStreamer is hosted on SourceForge, so support requests and bugs may be
filed as usual. Interested developers of the core library, plugins, and
applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is
sufficient interest we will create more lists as necessary.

We would also like to use this chance to ask people with access to
Solaris, HP-UX, Irix and True64 to please try building GStreamer and
give us feedback build problems, patches fixing such problems are also
more than welcome.
Authors (arranged by major contribution type) Core

    * Erik Walthinsen <omega at temple-baptist.com>
    * Wim Taymans <wim.taymans at chello.be>

Plugins and Sample Applications

    * Zaheer Merali <zaheer at grid9.net>
    * Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart.org>
    * Bastien Nocera <hadess at hadess.net>
    * Steve Baker <stevebaker_org at yahoo.co.uk>
    * Arik Devens <arik at gnome.org>
    * Ronald Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>
    * David Lehn <dlehn at vt.edu>
    * Andy Wingo <apwingo at eos.ncsu.edu>
    * Jérémy SIMON <jsimon13 at yahoo.fr>
    * Zeeshan Ali <zak147 at yahoo.com>
    * Joshua Pritikin <vishnu at pobox.com>
    * Leif Morgan Johnson <lmjohns3 at eos.ncsu.edu>
    * David Schleef <ds at schleef.org>
    * Dennis Smit <synap at area101.penguin.nl>
    * Wrobell <wrobell at ite.pl>

Various other stuff:

    * Christian Schaller <christian.schaller at linuxrising.org>
    * Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch at ajmitch.dhis.org>

GStreamer can be downloaded from the 0.3.0 release page
found here: http://www.gstreamer.net/releases/0.3.0/

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