[gst-announce] Cool hack of the day

Marius Nita marius at pdx.edu
Sun Jun 17 18:45:30 PDT 2001

Many of you may have heard of 'wmmp3'. It's a WindowMaker applet mp3 player, 
which from a config file, creates an mp3 list and allows you to navigate 
through songs and albums, playing them. It uses the mpg123 executable, and 
execl()'s it for each song.

I modified it today, to use gstreamer natively (no lame execl()'ing), and 
thanks to the autoplugger, it now supports whatever file you plug into it, 
according to the way gstreamer is configured. I was thinking of a way to have 
it support .ogg's as well as mp3's, and well, this worked better than I was 

I'll send the changes to the author as soon as I polish it a bit.

   Marius Nita
})(.+$)/$3 $2 $1/

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