[gst-announce] Gst-Player "Cry Baby" 0.2.0 released

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Mon Mar 11 17:11:13 PST 2002

Gst-Player "Cry Baby" 0.2.0 released

Gst-Player 0.2.0 is our first public release of the Gst-Player in a
separate package and ported to GNOME 2.0. While the player should let
you play most of the audio and video formats that GStreamer supports
including full screen, it is still to be considered alpha software.
There are still lots of small annoyances including less than perfect
audio & video sync, but we are hard at work fixing these issues.
Current Audio formats supported

    * Ogg Vorbis
    * Mp3
    * Wav
    * flac
    * mod
    * sid
    * au. (au however is lacking proper timing atm, so you get smurf
sound with it).

Current video formats supported

    * Mpeg
    * DV
    * Fli
    * cdxa
    * vob
    * avi (playing avi however do give strange colors and no sound.)

This version of the Gst-Player do demand that you have GStreamer 0.3.3
installed to work.

Gst-Player is hosted on SourceForge, so support requests and bugs may be
filed as usual. Interested developers of the core library, plugins, and
applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is
sufficient interest we will create more lists as necessary.



You find this release of gst-player in tar.gz and rpm format at:
Contributors to this release

    * Benjamin Otte <in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de>
    * Arik Devens <arik at gnome.org>

Misc build and packing stuff

    * Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart.org>
    * Christian Schaller <christian.schaller at linuxrising.org>

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