[gst-announce] This is the story of a gnome-media release

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Wed Nov 6 17:08:12 PST 2002

Can I make it any more obvious?

Gnome Media 2.1.1 is now out with special guest dependancy: GStreamer

Gnome Media 2.1.1 or "Religion is what happens when God leaves and man
makes up rules to fill the void" to it's[1] friends has been released
into this world with lots of love and care.

New in this release

* Gnome-CD:
  Many memory leak fixes from Kjartan
  Havoc fiddled with some names and titles and things
  Pier Luigi Fiorini added a really really cool status dock thingy
       Still needs some work done to it, but its cool and we can call
       them bug fixes.

* Gnome Volume Control
  Nothing happened in this

* VU Meter
  Has anything ever been done to this?
  Does anyone even use it?

* CDDB Slave
  Tuh, Didn't do anything to it, its perfect.
  Jeff found out what happens when there's multiple matches to your CD 
  though, and he was suitably impressed.

* Gnome Sound Recorder
  Didn't do anything to thi.....
  Oh no, wait, I rewrote it.
  Due to the rewrite it now
     - Works.
     - Doesn't need sox.
     - Can play audio from almost any media source imaginable
     - Can save to mp3, ogg, wav and flac.
     - Works (I know I've meantioned this before, but it's so important
              I thought I'd say it twice)
     - Looks cool.
     - Has a new screenshot - http://www.prettypeople.org/~iain/gsr.png
     - Works.
     - Needs GStreamer 0.4.2

GStreamer 0.4.2
gst-plugins 0.4.2

Ou est la tarball[2]?
Usual place: http://ftp.gnome.org

Erm, enjoy.
Don't spend it all at once.

[1] I never remember when to use its and when to use it's. Apologies to
grammar nazis.
[2] Il y a une[3] pamplemoose dans mon sac.
[3] Or when to use un or une.
A prime characteristic of worldly politics is its invariable forming of
as "adversarial contest." There has to be a battle. One party, ideology,
group, lobby, or power bloc which has designated itself as "The Good,
the True, 
and the Beautiful" sets out to overbear, overwhelm, overcome, overpower,
otherwise impose itself on whatever opposing parties think they deserve

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