[gst-announce] Fluendo announces official launch of the Flumotion Streaming Server project

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller christian at fluendo.com
Thu Dec 2 02:26:09 PST 2004

Flumotion website and server source code made public with Java applet to

November 30, 2004 - Barcelona, Spain


This press release marks the official launch of the free software
version of Flumotion. Flumotion is a streaming media server with a
modern distributed design and advanced extensibility. Flumotion is being
developed by Linux multimedia specialist Fluendo.

Flumotion is available for immediate download through the public
website, http://www.flumotion.net/, including the full source code,
which is licensed under the standard license of the free software world:
the GPL.

"With the Flumotion Streaming Server project, we are leveraging the
power of free software platforms to allow people to quickly and easily
set up live streaming for conferences, concerts, lectures, web radio,
web TV and a host of other applications", Fluendo CTO Thomas Vander
Stichele says. "Our goal is to take streaming media from the fringes of
the web and into the mainstream. The systems available to date have
either been too expensive, too cumbersome to set up and use or too tied
to proprietary formats and solutions. Flumotion is set to solve these

Thanks to Fluendo's close collaboration with the Xiph Foundation,
Fluendo is able to provide a solution for streaming using royalty-free
and unencumbered high-quality multimedia formats such as Vorbis, Speex
and Theora. With the development of Flumotion, Fluendo wants to enable
content providers to break free of the proprietary lock-in enforced by
other solution providers.

The Flumotion Streaming Server is built on top of other successful free
software projects. It uses GStreamer for the low-level multimedia
handling, the Twisted framework for its high-level functionality, and
ties the two together using the highly successful Python programming
language. Flumotion aims to quickly match and surpass the capabilities
of traditional streaming vendors, which have had their development
stagnated, by allowing custom development and integration more quickly
and easily.

As a special Christmas present, Fluendo will also release the source
code to the eagerly anticipated Cortado, the Java applet player, which
integrates with Flumotion to provide a cross-platform end-to-end
streaming solution, on December 24th. This applet is able to play Ogg
and Multipart network streams using Vorbis, Theora, Speex, JPEG or
Smoke, inside any Java-enabled browser. The applet is already available
in binary form on the Flumotion website for those who want to start
using it today.

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