[gst-announce] PiTiVi 0.1.1 released

Edward Hervey bilboed at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 03:51:05 PST 2004

   The PiTiVi team is proud to announce the first public beta release
of PiTiVi, a GStreamer based non-linear audio/video editing software
for GNU/Linux.


 * Import audio/video files (1)
 * Put/Move/resize/cut media files on the timeline
 * Preview the timeline
 * Render the timeline (1)
 * Save/Load project files (1)
 (1) See following "Known problems and Bugs" for limitations

 * GNU/Linux operating system
 * GStreamer >= 0.8.7
 * gst-plugins >= 0.8.6 (cvs strongly recommended)
 * gst-ffmpeg >= 0.8.2
 * GTK+ >= 2.4


 PiTiVi 0.1.1 is downloadable from the sourceforge website:

PiTiVi Homepage


Known problems and Bugs

  PiTiVi relies on the GStreamer multimedia framework and the
accompanying plugins to handle the various medias and their
transformation. PiTiVi being a novelty usage of GStreamer, there are
some problems with plugins not handling completely/correctly the
GStreamer API. These problems are in the process of being corrected.
  This means that it is not guaranteed that all codecs, containers or
effects work properly with PiTiVi.

  Handled Containers:
  * .avi for reading
  * .ogg for reading and encoding
  * MPEG1 files for reading and some MPEG2 files
  Handled codecs:
  * DV : reading
  * Theora : reading and encoding
  * Vorbis : reading and encoding
  * MP3 : reading and encoding
  Handled effects:
  * median
  * EffectTV (all of them)

  The Project files do not yet save the position of the sources and
effects on the Timeline.

  If you find any bug, contact us on IRC or submit a bug on
sourceforge :


  * Mailing-list : pitivi-pitivi at lists.sourceforge.net
  * IRC : #pitivi on irc.freenode.net


  CVS is hosted on sourceforge.net. You can get the current sources or
browse the repository here :
  Don't hesitate to contact us on the mailing-list or on IRC.

PiTiVi team

 * Edward HERVEY
 * Stephan BLOCH
 * Guillaume CASANOVA
 * Raphael PRALAT

Thanks to

 * LeRoutier (Stéphane LOEUILLET) for his valuable inputs and bug
 * The GStreamer team for making such a great framework and always
being available to answer questions.

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