[gst-announce] ANNOUNCE: gst-python 0.8.0

Johan Dahlin johan at fluendo.com
Wed Nov 17 00:27:05 PST 2004

I'm proud to announce the release the first stable release of gst-python
targeted towards the 0.8.x branch of the GStreamer multimedia framework.

gst-python is a set of python bindings for GStreamer, it has a good
coverage and is already used by several applications. The tarball
contains minimalist examples, for example a video player and a command
line based music player.

Source tarballs (gz, bzip2) can be found here:

gst-python can also be found in the cvs module "gst-python" in the
gstreamer part of the freedesktop cvs server.

Report bugs and feature requests here:

Remember to put them in the gst-python component.

This release would not be possible without the following persons:

David I. Lehn, Zaheer Abbas Merali, Poelzi, David Schleef
Thomas Vander Stichele and Wim Taymans

Johan Dahlin <johan at fluendo.com>
Fluendo S.L.

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