[gst-announce] ANNOUNCE: BEAST/BSE v0.6.5

Tim Janik timj at gtk.org
Wed Apr 13 06:21:42 PDT 2005

BEAST/BSE version 0.6.5 is available for download at:


This is a development version of BEAST/BSE, the BEdevilled Audio SysTem
and the Bedevilled Sound Engine. BEAST is a powerful music composition
and modular synthesis application released as free software under the
GNU GPL and GNU LGPL, that runs under unix.
The project is hosted at:


A mailing list is available at:


GUI skins, example sounds and instrumets for BEAST/BSE as well as
screenshots can be found at:


This development series of BEAST has a lot of the internals redone,
many new GUI features and a sound generation back-end separated
from all GUI activities.

Outstanding new features include support for skins, many sample
file formats, MIDI file import abilities, an improved piano roll
widget, the track editor which allows for easy selection of
synthesisers or samples as track sources, loop support in songs,
mixer support, unlimited Undo/Redo capabilities and MIDI automation.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.6.5:

* New supported file formats:
   GUS Patches  - Load patchfiles as ordinary samples [Stefan Westerfeld]
   BseWave      - A new tool bsewavetool allows creation and compression
                  of multi-sample files which can be loaded by beast.
                  This tool is experimental and not currently being installed,
                  ask questions or report problems with it on beast at gnome.org.
* New Effects:
   Saturator    - Saturate audio signals, implements various saturation types.
* New scripts:
   Track Busses - Automatically create mixer busses for tracks
* Fixed MIDI file import to create required mixer setup
* Added playback position indicator to piano roll
* Fixate zoom position while zooming piano roll
* Fixed saving of BseMixer state to BSE files
* Improved sample file caching algorith
* Improved BSE file parsing robustness
* AMD64 fixes [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes
* Updated British English translation [David Lodge]
* Updated Canadian English translation [Adam Weinberger]
* Updated Czech translation [Miloslav Trmac]
* Updated Dutch translation [Tino Meinen]
* Updated Spanish translation [Jorge Gonzalez]
* Added Bulgarian translation [Iassen Pramatarov]
* Added Kinyarwanda translation [Steve Murphy]


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