[gst-announce] WaveMixer 0.3

Raoul raoul.hecky at gmail.com
Mon May 23 09:55:39 PDT 2005

Hi all!

I want to present you wavemixer. It is a multitracks sound editor written with 
Gtkmm/Gstreamer. You can edit many file formats like Ogg/vorbis, mp3, wav, 
sound parts of video files, ...
File editing in wavemixer is very simple because it's done only with drag'n 

This software allows two principal uses:
  - Sample editing: cut/copy/paste, application of effects (LADSPA)
  - Mixing mutliples samples on tracks

Wavemixer is a young software, but this release already allows to make many 
modifications, in a simple and useful way, like cutting of an audio file, 
sound mixing between some samples, etc...

Actually, some package for debian, mandriva and fedora are available from the 
website (http://wavemixer.sourceforge.net)

To have all the functionalities of wavemixer, it is necessary to install a 
maximum of Gstreamer plugins, this makes it possible to support a maximum of 
sound format. Gstreamer allows to automatically launch the previewing feature 
of samples in the file explorer and also to load/encode the sound files.

Raoul Hecky

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