[gst-announce] New development releases of schrodinger and libtsmux

Christian F.K. Schaller christian at fluendo.com
Thu Feb 22 04:28:08 PST 2007

We cut new development releases of the Schrodinger and libtsmux packages
today. We will try to make more frequent releases going forward as we
close in on the final remaining issues. 

This release is not yet 100% bitstream compliant as per the latest spec,
but we are getting there. Performance of the decoder is greatly improved
and the encoder while not yet creating production quality files is
producing usable files for testing. 

The GStreamer plugins are also improved and the playback plugin now
supports seeking for instance.

libtsmux has also had a new release mostly to make it conform to the
latest version of the Dirac in MPEG-TS specification. The new
specification is still not on the website due to Sourceforge shell
access being down, so interested parties should check out the libtsmux
SVN module to get the latest version of the spec.

You get the latest releases here:

A screenshot showing totem playing a Dirac file generated with this
development snapshot can be seen here:

More information on the Schroedinger project as always on:


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