[gst-announce] RELEASE: GStreamer 0.10.12 'Inevitable Demise'

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Wed Mar 7 11:56:32 PST 2007

This mail announces the release of GStreamer 0.10.12 'Inevitable Demise'.

GStreamer is a streaming media framework that allows the construction of
graphs of elements which operate on media data.
Applications using this library can do anything from real-time sound processing
over playing video to capturing audio, video, and even other types of media
Its architecture allows for adding new data types or processing capabilities
simply by installing new plug-ins.
GStreamer is the core module, containing libraries, headers, the basic object
hierarchy, and a set of media-agnostic core elements.
For more information, see http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/modules/gstreamer.html
To file bugs, go to http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GStreamer&component=gstreamer+%28core%29
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Release notes for GStreamer 0.10.12 "Inevitable Demise"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release
in the 0.10.x stable series of the
core of the GStreamer streaming media framework.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users.
It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series.
It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

The 0.10.x series has been reworked for threadsafety.  It also features
various feature additions and enhancements.

This module, gstreamer, only contains core functionality.
For actual media playback, you will need other modules.

contains a basic set of well-supported plug-ins
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins under our preferred license
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for
contains a set of less supported plug-ins that haven't passed the
    rigorous quality testing we expect


Features of this release
      * Add a warning if GLib threading support is not properly initialised
      * Add support for binary registry serialisation
      * Preliminary support for pull-mode scheduling of entire chains
      * Add support for HPPA
      * Collectpads fixes
      * Lots of bug fixes

Bugs fixed in this release
      * 378931 : Bison version check doesn't work on Solaris 9
      * 399875 : [multiqueue] dynamic growth not implemented.
      * 339326 : pads not set to FLUSHING when created
      * 380129 : gst_plugin_feature_load doesn't consistently ref a return...
      * 381301 : [patch] Make GstBus watch work with any GMainContext
      * 383382 : Removing pads from collectpads not threadsafe
      * 383506 : Disallow CLOCK_TIME_NONE as periodic clock id interval
      * 387073 : gst-launch videotestsrc ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink d...
      * 387866 : [docs] Small fix for GstCollectPads docs
      * 391278 : g_thread_init() called too late, possibly causing memory ...
      * 391296 : [API] add gst_update_registry() to rescan registry at run...
      * 391777 : GStreamer does not reset SEGV trap handler
      * 391909 : Fix compilation with MinGW
      * 399094 : gst_pad_start_task: small doc typo
      * 401381 : GstRegistry signals documentation is missing
      * 401781 : [API] add GST_ROUND_DOWN_* macros
      * 402393 : [API][GstCollectPads] Allow elements to specify destroy n...
      * 405284 : Changing state of pipeline can lock up with preroll queue...
      * 400656 : [PATCH] filesrc seekability detection fix (NFS and 2GB+ f...
      * 403172 : [filesrc] doesn't handle localhost file locations
      * 404569 : [filesrc] Unexpected end of file
      * 161922 : script to provide plugin installation info
      * 391915 : adapter test doesn't compile with mingw
      * 395554 : gst_tag_setter_merge_tags works at most once
      * 403597 : [API] Add ReplayGain reference level tag
      * 405288 : Configure checks use pkg-config directly
      * 381492 : [SystemClock] ClockID wait_async notification broken
      * 382592 : Multiple wait()ers break periodic clock ids
      * 385084 : endless ghost pad pull/push activate recursion until crash
      * 388201 : [API] add gst_adapter_copy()

API changed in this release
- API additions:
* gst_update_registry()
* gst_adapter_copy()
* GST_ROUND_DOWN_* macros
* GstCollectDataDestroyNotify
* gst_query_new_latency()
* gst_query_set_latency()
* gst_query_parse_latency()
* gst_message_new_lost_preroll()
* gst_message_parse_lost_preroll()
* gst_message_new_prerolled()
* gst_message_new_latency()
* gst_event_new_latency()
* gst_event_parse_latency()
* gst_base_sink_query_latency()
* gst_base_sink_get_latency()
* gst_bus_timed_pop()
* gst_message_new_info()
* gst_message_parse_info()


You can find source releases of gstreamer in the download directory:

GStreamer Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests:


CVS is hosted on cvs.freedesktop.org.
All code is in CVS and can be checked out from there.
Interested developers of the core library, plug-ins, and applications should
subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is sufficient interest we
will create more lists as necessary.


Applications ported to GStreamer 0.10 include Totem, RhythmBox, Sound-Juicer,
Gnome Media, Flumotion, Amarok, Jamboree, Pitivi, Istanbul, AnnoAmp, Elisa, and others.
Let us know if you want to be added to this list.

Contributors to this release
      * Andy Wingo
      * Carlos Sanmartin Dominguez
      * David Schleef
      * Edward Hervey
      * Jan Schmidt
      * Jindrich Makovicka
      * Mark Nauwelaerts
      * Michal Benes
      * René Stadler
      * Sebastian Dröge
      * Sjoerd Simons
      * Stefan Kost
      * Sébastien Moutte
      * Thomas Vander Stichele
      * Tim-Philipp Müller
      * Vincent Torri
      * Wim Taymans

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