[gst-announce] RELEASE: GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.26 "Escapades"

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 15:35:41 PST 2010

This mail announces the release of GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.26

GStreamer Good Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins that we consider to have
good quality code and correct functionality, under our preferred license
(LGPL for the plug-in code, LGPL or LGPL-compatible for the supporting

Highlights of this release:

 * more Orc optimisations
 * new videomixer2 element with better behaviour
 * new G722 RTP payloader and depayloader elements
 * add support for RTSP initiation through SDP files
 * many other bug fixes and enhancements

For more information, see

To file bugs, request features or submit patches, please go to

Direct links:

MD5 sums (for tarballs downloaded from gstreamer.freedesktop.org):
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4d9e3a17050da013b0b2e4c23aee10a1  gst-plugins-good-0.10.26.tar.gz


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Release notes for GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.26 "Escapades"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release
in the 0.10.x stable series of the
GStreamer Good Plug-ins.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users.
It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series.
It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

"Such ingratitude.  After all the times I've saved your life."

A collection of plug-ins you'd want to have right next to you on the
battlefield.  Shooting sharp and making no mistakes, these plug-ins have it
all: good looks, good code, and good licensing.  Documented and dressed up
in tests.  If you're looking for a role model to base your own plug-in on,
here it is.

If you find a plot hole or a badly lip-synced line of code in them,
let us know - it is a matter of honour for us to ensure Blondie doesn't look
like he's been walking 100 miles through the desert without water.

This module contains a set of plug-ins that we consider to have good quality
  code, correct functionality, our preferred license (LGPL for the plug-in
  code, LGPL or LGPL-compatible for the supporting library).
We believe distributors can safely ship these plug-ins.
People writing elements should base their code on these elements.

Other modules containing plug-ins are:

contains a basic set of well-supported plug-ins
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for
contains a set of less supported plug-ins that haven't passed the
    rigorous quality testing we expect


Features of this release
      * alphacolor: make passthrough work
      * avidemux: reverse playback fixes; prevent overlap of subsequent fragments
      * deinterlace: remove assembly code in favor of orc
      * dvdemux: parse SMPTE time codes
      * flvdemux: parse and use cts (fixes jittery H.264 playback in some cases)
      * flvmux: resend onMetada tag when tags changes in streamable mode
      * g729pay: extend from right parent
      * gconf: Don't install schemas when GConf is disabled
      * goom, goom2k1: add latency compensation code, report latency correctly
      * gstrtpjpegpay: Added Define Restart Interval (DRI) Marker
      * h264depay: always mark the codec_data as keyframe
      * icydemux: forward tag events
      * id3v2mux: Add mapping for album artist
      * imagefreeze: generate a perfectly timestamped stream
      * level: avoid division by zero on silence
      * matroskademux: more robustness for parse errors and corner-cases
      * matroskademux: extract H.264 profile and level and set on caps
      * matroskamux: reduce newsegment event spam and set discont flag where needed
      * pulse: allow setting of pulse stream properties
      * pulse: fix device_description in READY
      * pulsesink: Add "client" property to set the PA client name
      * pulsesink: share the PA context between all clients with the same name
      * qtdemux: export AAC/MPEG-4/H.264 profile and level in caps
      * rtp: add G722 payloader and depayloader elements
      * rtpamr(de)pay: support AMR-WB SID frame
      * rtpamrpay: proper duration for multiple frame payload; properly support perfect-rtptime
      * rtpbin: add "ntp-sync" property and "use-pipeline-clock" properties
      * rtpg729pay: properly support perfect-rtptime
      * rtph264depay: only set delta unit on all-non-key units
      * rtpmanager: provide additional statistics
      * rtpmp4adepay: grab the sampling rate and put into caps
      * rtpmparobustdepay: properly insert dummy buffers; use valid bitrate for dummy frame
      * rtpmpvpay: fix timestamping of rtp buffers
      * rtpsession: Add the option to auto-discover the RTP bandwidth
      * rtpsession: Calculate RTCP bandwidth as a fraction of the RTP bandwidth
      * rtpsession: Count sent RTCP packets after they have been finished
      * rtpsession: relax third-party collision detection
      * rtpstats: Rectify description of current_time in RTPArrivalStats
      * rtspext: stop configuration on first failure
      * rtspsrc: Add property to configure udpsrc buffer size
      * rtspsrc: add rtsp-sdp protocol support
      * rtspsrc: don't add /UDP in the transport, it's the default
      * rtspsrc: fix duration reporting
      * rtspsrc: handle stale digest authentication session data
      * rtspsrc: use sdp uri parse method
      * shapewipe: add optional border parameter and slowdown animation
      * shapewipe: Force format to AYUV in the example pipeline for the same reason
      * shapewipe: Force the input to AYUV to prevent negotiation failures in videomixer
      * spectrum: only aggregate magnitude/phase if user asks for it, performance fixes
      * v4l2src: add controllable colorbalance parameters, add decimate property
      * v4l2src: fix using mpegts via the mmap interface; use GstBaseSrc::block-size as fallback size
      * videomixer2: new videomixer2 element that behaves better than videomixer
      * vrawdepay: handle invalid payload better

Bugs fixed in this release
      * 625825 : cannot link rtpmp4adepay ! aacparse
      * 629047 : segfault in seek matroskademux
      * 537544 : [pulse] allow setting pa context properties
      * 628996 : pulsesink broken after shared context patch (bug #624338)
      * 529672 : Big latency and bad framerate while mixing multiple live streams
      * 581294 : rtspext: extensions configure_stream methods conflict
      * 598915 : qtdemux: propagate jpeg2000 header data in image/x-j2c
      * 612313 : qtdemux: Post AAC profile/level in caps
      * 616521 : qtdemux: Export MPEG-4 video profile and level in stream caps
      * 617318 : matroskademux, qtdemux: Use pbutils for H.264 profile/level extraction
      * 620790 : [matroskademux] general stream error when trying to play certain .mkv file
      * 622390 : [v4l2] add controllable color balance properties / programmable camera
      * 624338 : [pulsesink] Handle pulse context separate from the ringbuffers and share them
      * 625547 : imagefreeze unit test fails occasionally
      * 626048 : [videomixer] needs mode that syncs streams based on timestamps
      * 626518 : [imagefreeze] better caps negotiation
      * 627162 : [pulse] better fallback return value for gst_pulse_client_name()
      * 627174 : [pulsesink] new property to tune the PA client name
      * 627289 : souphttpsrc: tweak error messages
      * 627341 : wavparse: strange handling of files less than 12 bytes
      * 627796 : rtpbin: add ntp clock sync
      * 628020 : [pulsesink] assertion failure in change_state NULL- > READY
      * 628058 : Need a way to set the SO_RCVBUF property on rtsp-based sockets.
      * 628127 : jpeg rtp payloader crashes when there is corruption in the jpeg byte stream.
      * 628214 : Add support to RTSP initiation through SDP files
      * 628349 : [v4l2src] Doesn't support capturing mpegts using mmap
      * 628454 : Matroska demuxer doesn't handle DATE tag if it contains only a year number
      * 628608 : [alphacolor] element classification is wrong
      * 629018 : rtpjpegpay: unable to build because of uninitialized variable warning
      * 629522 : [rtpjpegpay] add support for Define Restart Interval (DRI)
      * 629839 : [qtdemux] Update xmp tags parsing
      * 629896 : Error compiling raw1394 (without iec61883)
      * 630088 : [flvdemux] jerky h.264 video playback
      * 630205 : [icydemux] Forward tag events downstrem
      * 630256 : rtph264-pay/depay: doesn't respect timestamps from incomming buffers
      * 630317 : Getting pulsesink device names doesn't work like for alsasink
      * 630378 : speexenc/speexdec crash with MSVC
      * 630446 : rtpmanager: provide additional statistics
      * 630447 : rtpsession: relax third-party collision detection
      * 630449 : rtpbin: Unlock before adding pad in new_payload_found
      * 630451 : rtpbin: Handle rysnc of iterator when looking for free pad name
      * 630452 : rtpbin: Make cleaning up sources in rtp_session_on_timeout MT safe
      * 630457 : rtpmanager: packet lost should not be a warning.
      * 630458 : level: avoid division by zero on silence
      * 630500 : [rtspsrc] does rtsp setup message always need " /UDP " string?
      * 630888 : v4l2sink does not cope with v4l2loopback kernel module
      * 631082 : rtpjitterbuffer: improve document reference
      * 631303 : [goom] qos warnings if source is GstAudioSrc
      * 631330 : [flvmux][PATCH] Resend updated onMetada tag when tags changes in streamable mode
      * 631996 : [h264depay] regression: rtsp://stream.zoovision.com/KibaEp1n900.3gp
      * 632548 : [rtspsrc] regression; fails to report duration
      * 632553 : --disable-gconf still tries to install schemas
      * 632682 : [matroskademux] Handle missing CodecPrivate for Vorbis/Theora
      * 632945 : rtph264depay in access-unit=true mode does not aggregate the delta unit flag correctly
      * 633205 : Fix for navigation events in videoflip
      * 633212 : [goom] Return not-negotiated when bps is unknown
      * 633970 : [icydemux] broken taglist handling
      * 635532 : rtspsrc: unexpected eos when using authentication (regression)
      * 635843 : [rtph264depay] segfault on empty payload
      * 636179 : [deinterlace] Fields in wrong order
      * 626463 : [matroskademux] " reading large block of size 14688496 not supported " 
      * 628894 : [matroskademux] sloppy reverse playback
      * 633294 : deinterlace breaks some DVD menu scenarios


You can find source releases of gst-plugins-good in the download directory:

GStreamer Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests:


GStreamer is stored in Git, hosted at git.freedesktop.org, and can be cloned from there.
Interested developers of the core library, plug-ins, and applications should
subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is sufficient interest we
will create more lists as necessary.

Contributors to this release
      * Alessandro Decina
      * American Dynamics
      * Andoni Morales Alastruey
      * Arun Raghavan
      * Bastien Nocera
      * David Hoyt
      * David Schleef
      * Edward Hervey
      * Havard Graff
      * IOhannes m zmölnig
      * Jan Schmidt
      * Jonathan Matthew
      * Mark Nauwelaerts
      * Olivier Crête
      * Pascal Buhler
      * Pavel Kostyuchenko
      * Philip Jägenstedt
      * Philippe Normand
      * René Stadler
      * Robert Swain
      * Sebastian Dröge
      * Sjoerd Simons
      * Stefan Kost
      * Thiago Santos
      * Thibault Saunier
      * Thijs Vermeir
      * Tim-Philipp Müller
      * Trond Andersen
      * Vladimir Eremeev
      * Wim Taymans
      * Zaheer Abbas Merali

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