[gst-announce] RELEASE: GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.23 "Stylish Kids in Riot"

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Mon May 31 07:53:48 PDT 2010

This mail announces the release of GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.23
"Stylish Kids in Riot".

GStreamer Good Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins that we consider to have
good quality code and correct functionality, under our preferred license
(LGPL for the plug-in code, LGPL or LGPL-compatible for the supporting

For more information, see

To file bugs, request features or submit patches, please go to

Direct links:

MD5 sums (for tarballs downloaded from gstreamer.freedesktop.org):
f527bbb0693d380ebbd9b58e8ec4f20b  gst-plugins-good-0.10.23.tar.gz
9cddbb0e7e90677f0cc05c23feffef5c  gst-plugins-good-0.10.23.tar.bz2

This release introduces preliminary support for WebM.

Packagers: some plugins have been merged/renamed, and some plugins have
been moved from gst-plugins-bad. Also, there's a known compatibility
issue in combination with older versions of Farsight/GStreamer when
using Theora as codec for VOIP (see bug #618940).

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Release notes for GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.23 "Stylish Kids in Riot"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release
in the 0.10.x stable series of the
GStreamer Good Plug-ins.

The 0.10.x series is a stable series targeted at end users.
It is not API or ABI compatible with the stable 0.8.x series.
It is, however, parallel installable with the 0.8.x series.

"Such ingratitude.  After all the times I've saved your life."

A collection of plug-ins you'd want to have right next to you on the
battlefield.  Shooting sharp and making no mistakes, these plug-ins have it
all: good looks, good code, and good licensing.  Documented and dressed up
in tests.  If you're looking for a role model to base your own plug-in on,
here it is.

If you find a plot hole or a badly lip-synced line of code in them,
let us know - it is a matter of honour for us to ensure Blondie doesn't look
like he's been walking 100 miles through the desert without water.

This module contains a set of plug-ins that we consider to have good quality
  code, correct functionality, our preferred license (LGPL for the plug-in
  code, LGPL or LGPL-compatible for the supporting library).
We believe distributors can safely ship these plug-ins.
People writing elements should base their code on these elements.

Other modules containing plug-ins are:

contains a basic set of well-supported plug-ins
contains a set of well-supported plug-ins, but might pose problems for
contains a set of less supported plug-ins that haven't passed the
    rigorous quality testing we expect


Features of this release
      * alpha: add support for YUY2, YVYU, UYVY and YV12; YUV->RGB conversion fixes
      * avimux, flvmux, matroskamux: don't crash if tags arrive on multiple input pads at the same time
      * avimux, matroskamux: add support for On2 VP8
      * capssetter: element moved from gst-plugins-bad
      * deinterlace: add support for most YUV and RGB formats for some methods
      * deinterlace: make automatic detection of interlacing the default
      * gamma: add support for more YUV/RGB formats, make gamma property controllable
      * jpegdec, jpegenc: support more colour spaces and pixel formats
      * matroskademux: implement push mode seeking
      * matroskademux: add support for WebM
      * imagefreeze: plugin moved from gst-plugins-bad
      * oss4: plugin moved from gst-plugins-bad
      * osxvideosink: implement the xoverlay interface, allow switching views at runtime
      * qcelpdepay: add a QCELP depayloader
      * qtdemux: add support for VP8; push-mode seeking and ctts table parsing fixes
      * rtph263depay: use Picture Start Code to detect packet loss and frame start
      * rtph263pay: use found GOBs to apply Mode A payloading
      * rtph264depay: DELTA_UNIT marking of output buffers
      * rtph264pay: extract SPS and PPS from property provided parameter set
      * rtph264pay: add config-interval property to re-send SPS/PPS in stream
      * rtpmp4vpay: add config-interval property to re-insert config in stream
      * rtptheoradepay: fix in-band configuration parsing
      * rtptheorapay: add config-interval parameter to re-insert config in stream
      * rtpvorbisdepay, rtptheoradepay: also accept in-line configuration
      * rtsp: configure bandwidth properties in the session
      * rtspsrc: fall back to SDP ports instead of server_port
      * rtspsrc: use the SDP connection info in multicast
      * rtspsrc: handle SEEKING queries
      * smptealpha: add support for all 4 ARGB formats and YV12 (converted to AYUV)
      * videobalance: add support for all RGB formats, Y41B, Y42B and Y444, YUY2, UYVY, AYUV and YVYU
      * videobox: add support for Y444, Y42B, Y41B, YUY2, UYUV, and YVYU
      * videobox: fix floating point to integer conversion for the alpha values
      * videobox: handle ranges/lists of width or height when transforming caps
      * videobox: translate navigation events to make sense again upstream
      * videofilter: merge gamma, videobalance, and videoflip plugin into single plu
      * videoflip: add support for all RGB formats and AYUV, Y41B, Y42B and Y444
      * videoflip: also flip the pixel-aspect-ratio if width/height are exchanged
      * videomixer: add support for Y444, Y42B, Y41B, YV12, YUY2, YVYU, UYVY
      * webmmux: Add new webmmux element that only supports muxing of WebM
      * y4menc: add 4:2:2, 4:1:1, and 4:4:4 output support

Bugs fixed in this release
      * 619485 : matroskademux: skip buffers before a late keyframe (QoS)
      * 576286 : [videomixer] Should accept/output non-alpha streams
      * 618349 : osxvideosink: implement the XOverlay interface
      * 574416 : rtp{theora,vorbis}depay should accept in-line configuration (too)
      * 590662 : [pulse] Allocates and starts pulse main loops in instance_init
      * 592270 : Cannot catch 'have-ns-view' on pipeline for playbin and playbin2
      * 599585 : gstrtph263pay does not fragment frame with limited GOBs
      * 600553 : [jpegdec] crashes on a fuzzed jpeg
      * 606689 : Re-send codec data on GstForceKeyUnit
      * 607452 : Failure to sync on rtpmp4vpay stream; sender;receiver mismatch
      * 609405 : [qtdemux] Issues when seeking with file with lots of tracks and edit lists
      * 609658 : [rtph264depay] doesn't mark output frames as keyframes correctly
      * 610172 : inconsistent h263pay/h263depay behaviour
      * 610902 : y4menc only supports 4:2:0
      * 613786 : [PLUGIN-MOVE] Move imagefreeze to gst-plugins-good
      * 614305 : [PLUGIN-MOVE] oss4 should be moved to good
      * 614765 : racy stream status leave implementation
      * 615798 : [smptealpha] Need ability to reverse transition direction
      * 616516 : [qtdemux] h264 playback gets skippy after a seek
      * 616700 : [rtspsrc] gst_query_new_seeking() fails on rtspsrc
      * 617164 : [rtph264pay] SPS/PPS in provided sprop-parameter-sets never sent on timeout
      * 617537 : rtspsrc always falls back to unicast instead of using the announced multicast
      * 617733 : [wavparse] handle gst_pad_pull_range() returning less data than requested
      * 617739 : [PLUGIN-MOVE] Move capssetter to gst-plugins-good
      * 618305 : [flvmux] last timestamp is stored even if it's invalid
      * 618351 : avimux crashes when fed from filesrc
      * 618386 : rtptheoradepay: make delivery-method parameter optional
      * 618419 : gstrtpbin-Description maybe exist error
      * 618733 : [efence] Configure check is broken
      * 618874 : [pulse] regression: broken mainloop locking
      * 618940 : rtptheorapay/depay wrongly claims to do delivery-method=inline
      * 619018 : Speex encoder latency should depend on rate
      * 619103 : WebM demuxer
      * 619105 : [qtdemux] misalignment between index and sample while looking for frame
      * 619219 : [matroska] Move webm muxer into a separate element with restrictions
      * 619835 : [videobox] Either makes video completely opaque or completely transparent
      * 619943 : [jpegenc] Crash if playing - > setcaps - > ready - > setcaps
      * 620002 : [flvdemux] Typo in position query handling makes all position queries fail
      * 605231 : [deinterlace] Support AYUV, RGB colorspaces
      * 619533 : [avimux, matroskamux, flvmux] crash when receiving tags on multiple pads at the same time


You can find source releases of gst-plugins-good in the download directory:

GStreamer Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use GNOME's bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests:


GStreamer is stored in Git, hosted at git.freedesktop.org, and can be cloned from there.
Interested developers of the core library, plug-ins, and applications should
subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is sufficient interest we
will create more lists as necessary.

Contributors to this release
      * Alessandro Decina
      * Benjamin M. Schwartz
      * Benjamin Otte
      * Brian Cameron
      * Christian Schaller
      * Clive Wright
      * David Schleef
      * Frederic Crozat
      * Garrett D'Amore
      * Jan Schmidt
      * Jan Urbański
      * Julien Moutte
      * Mark Nauwelaerts
      * Olivier Crête
      * Philip
      * Philip Jägenstedt
      * Robert Swain
      * Sebastian Dröge
      * Stefan Kost
      * Thiago Santos
      * Tim-Philipp Müller
      * Tristan Matthews
      * Wim Taymans

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