[gst-announce] GStreamer Conference 2010 Talks Recordings

Florent Thiery florent.thiery at ubicast.eu
Mon Nov 15 07:06:18 PST 2010

GStreamer Conference 2010 Talks Recordings

The first Gstreamer Conference 2010 was very interesting, but many of
us didn't have the chance to go. Therefore, i am happy to announce
that all of the videos of the main track are currently online at the
following adress:


Big thanks:
- to all the speakers for the interesting talks and for allowing these
videos to be published
- to the GStreamer Conference organisators and sponsors
- to Ubicast for sponsoring the capture and hosting of the presentations

- Flash is required for synchronized playback of slides, but you can
also download an .mp4 file (and an .ogg source archive) in the
"sharing" tab and play it using your favourite player.
- The 2nd track's recordings will be posted later on (after
processing) thanks to another video volunteer (free-electrons.org)
- All of these talks have been recorded using a GStreamer-powered
product (yay !)



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