[PiTiVi] RELEASE: PiTiVi open-source video editor 0.14.0 "No longer kills kittens"

Thibault Saunier thibault.saunier at collabora.com
Wed Jun 1 10:37:57 PDT 2011

Hello all,

This mail announces the immediate availability of the new release of the
PiTiVi video editor 0.14.0 "No longer kills kittens".

PiTiVi is an open source video editor, written in Python and based on
GStreamer and GTK+.

You can find the new feature list in the attached release notes and more
informations on: http://www.pitivi.org/

To file bugs, please go to:

Tarballs are available here:

Packages are already available for debian unstable and on the ubuntu
gstreamer-developers PPA:


  Thibault, on behalf of the PiTiVi team.
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0.14.0 Release "no longer kills kittens"

The PiTiVi team is proud to announce the first release of the 0.14 series.

Due to its dependency on GStreamer, The PiTiVi team strongly recommends users have
all official latest gstreamer libraries and plugins installed for the best user

* Features of this release

 * Audio and video effects
 * Completely redesigned project settings dialog, with the ability to create presets
 * Completely redesigned rendering dialog
 * Welcome dialog that helps you start a project or load recent projects in two clicks
 * Ability to preview video, audio and image files before importing
 * Add a "best fit" zoom button
 * Ability to jump to an exact position in the timeline
 * Ability to specify custom aspect ratios and framerates
 * Show a progress bar when loading projects
 * 300% faster project timeline loading
 * Search bar in the Media Library
 * Ability to detach all the tabs and the previewer
 * New manpage
 * Commandline render mode
 * Use the standard infobar widget all around

* Requirements

 * gstreamer >= 0.10.28
 * gst-python >= 0.10.19
 * gnonlin >= 0.10.16
 * pygtk >= 2.18.0
 * Python >= 2.5
 * zope.interface (http://www.zope.org/Products/ZopeInterface)
 * setuptools (http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/setuptools)
 * pygoocanvas (http://live.gnome.org/GooCanvas)
 * pyxdg (http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/pyxdg)

* Contributors

   239  Thibault Saunier
    94  Brandon Lewis
    77  Jean-François Fortin Tam
    39  Alessandro Decina
    33  Edward Hervey
    27  Alex Băluț
    19  Andrej Žnidaršič
    18  Pier Carteri
    12  Mario Blättermann
     9  Daniel Mustieles
     9  Luis de Bethencourt
     9  Marek Černocký
     7  Alexandre Prokoudine
     7  Jorge González
     6  Mathieu Duponchelle
     5  Bruno Brouard
     5  Robert Swain
     4  Gabor Kelemen
     4  Petr Kovar
     3  Djavan Fagundes
     3  Gianvito Cavasoli
     3  Hannie Dumoleyn
     3  Jesse Aviles
     3  Yaron Shahrabani
     2  António Lima
     2  Bruce Cowan
     2  Daniel Korostil
     2  Fran Diéguez
     2  Karl Palsson
     2  Kjartan Maraas
     2  Mattias Põldaru
     2  Maxim V. Dziumanenko
     2  Stéphane Maniaci
     2  Volker Sobek
     2  Мирослав Николић
     1  7 Stéphane Maniaci
     1  Aron Xu
     1  Arun Raghavan
     1  Ben Asselstine
     1  Benjamin Berg
     1  Benjamin M. Schwartz
     1  Carles Ferrando
     1  Cheng-Chia Tseng
     1  Claude Paroz
     1  Daniel Nylander
     1  Hicham HAOUARI
     1  Ivaylo Valkov
     1  Joe Hansen
     1  Jordi Estrada
     1  Kang Bundo
     1  Khaled Hosny
     1  Kim Boram
     1  Kristjan SCHMIDT
     1  Mateus Zenaide
     1  Miroslav Nikolić
     1  Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
     1  Peter Mráz
     1  Rudolfs Mazurs
     1  Takayuki KUSANO
     1  Wouter Bolsterlee
     1  Yinghua Wang
     1  Yuri Myasoedov

* Download

  PiTiVi source tarballs are available on gnome FTP:

  See the website for distribution-specific packages.

* Information and Feedback

 * Information for users and developers can be found on the PiTiVi website :
 * Comments and feedback are welcome.
 * Mailing-list : pitivi-pitivi at lists.sourceforge.net
 * PiTiVi bug-tracker : http://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=pitivi

* Bugs Fixed

432723  [Rendering Dialog] Cleanups/enhancements
605920  Switch to (g)udev for device detection/support (deprecation of HAL)
403904  Rendering : provide a default filename
433349  Pitivi should keep aspect ratio when resizing
578710  filter as you type search bar
583203  show a progress bar when loading projects or large amounts of clips and don't hardcode a timeout
629327  Ability to jump to an exact position in the timeline
629605  Video should come before Audio in the UI dialogs
637497  plural forms needed
638143  [PATCH] Missing files dialog: formatter does not correctly compare mappings when searching for probable matches
644313  [regression] Splitting does not work if no clip is selected
580167  do not block settings when applying a template
582379  tooltips for preview playback controls
584048  project/render : Allow any framerates
585737  Attach extension to filenames
585743  Control buttons are misplaced
586003  Previewer in the importing file chooser
587095  codec rendering settings are constantly reset
590471  getAudioDescription and getVideoDescription strings are not translatable
592248  Allow Pause/Resume During Render
593682  make the containers/codecs/muxers/formats list human-readable/cleaner
605445  Pitivi does not work on big endian machines
607243  show the rendering progress percentage in the window title
610127  Clip details tooltip for icon view in media library
610188  zooming glitches / playhead and clips jump around
611856  Ability to enter custom framerates manually
613767  Rendering hang with transitions
613960  Dragging an SVG to the timeline fails
614758  Change aspect ratio when rendering
615337  Project settings window is very tall
615570  new project / recent projects startup wizard
618467  The function xdg_get_dirs in pitivi/settings.py doesn't work
621342  show "Quick Start guide" item in the Help menu
627148  Scrubbing over still image start causes segfault
629107  "Keyframe" menu item should read "Insert keyframe"
629204  [regression] Adding PNG to timeline results in no video
629218  vp8enc's quality setting constantly reset
629220  missing clips dialog size too small
629408  Double-clicking on a video within the library should launch it in the previewer
629606  render dialog sometimes causes tracebacks when clicking the Settings button
629611  splitting then deleting the first part of a clip causes a not-negotiated error
629694  Importing a source which has already been imported raises an error and the import process doesn't continue
629784  clips over each other cause excess work, performance drops
629811  Labels of the keyframe control points at wrong positions or don't show up at all
630015  preview (doubleclick/rightclick->play clip/DragDrop) fails for stills
630359  Unable to commit a translation
630368  Icon view for effects thumbnails
630370  "&" shows up incorrectly in effects library
630371  Show effect name in its tooltip
630373  Can't move the zoom slider with the mouse wheel
630453  update the dependencies/suggested packages for effects
630608  hide the "not recommended" containers/codecs in the rendering dialog
630827  Clips jump back to original position after drag and drop
632366  Ellipsize the "Open" and "Save As" menu items
632382  [patch] Effects list filtering spacing improvements
632391  [regression] box selection marquee doesn't work properly when zoomed in
632414  Transitions cause not-negotiated errors
632974  Ungrouped audio gets stuck in lower layers
633110  could not import actioner module
633372  Add a "best fit" magnifier icon/button to make the zooming slider more discoverable
633414  Cleaner XDG dirs spec implementation with pyxdg
633506  Strings need to be translatable
634933  Preview in the Timeline is weird and wrong for AYUV video
634991  [patch] Auto-expand preferences contents area
635719  Creates transitions when inserting clips to the end of the timeline
635984  The -p command line flag for previewing a project is broken
635994  The Startup Wizard should not appear in some specific cases
635995  The Startup Wizard should not have the Skip button
635996  The Cancel button in the Project Settings window does not work if the Audio/Video Codec Settings window has been opened
636046  The -r command line argument does not work if specified after the project name
636773  Segfault/crash on undo/redo after deleting clips
636787  Add man page
636807  test_still_image.py fails
637522  Not-negotiated errors when there are gaps in the timeline
638759  More precision for scaling in the rendering dialog
639080  [gstreamer] Not-negotiated error when trying to render with matroskamux
640238  A typo in a user visible message
640936  Pitivi crashes with gst-plugins-good < 0.10.24
645750  [regression] Welcome dialog not focused on startup
646951  Application crashes after a few minutes of work
648661  Specify top-level directory when running tests
648714  clips vanish from the timeline window, vertical scrollbar ceases working
651157  "Undock viewer" freezes Pitivi
629207  [REGRESSION] can't load project with http-sourced images
635124  Effects configurations list shuffled when adding effect
635126  The Effects configurations list is not cleared when starting a new project
636763  Getting backtrace removing an effect from a clip
624618  Import from webcam is disabled

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