GStreamer Conference 2010: all videos available online now

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Wed Mar 23 10:17:32 PDT 2011


it looks like the Free Electrons folks have now put up their videos from
the GStreamer Conference and the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, which
both took place in Cambridge last October.

The GStreamer conference talks from the main room have been online for a
while already on the UbiCast site (see below).

What's new now are the talks from the GStreamer conference that took
place in the room upstairs, and the GStreamer-related talks that were
part of the ELC-E programme, in particular:

=== ===

 * Android and GStreamer (Benjamin Gaignard, ST-Ericsson)

 * Meego Multimedia (Stefan Kost, Nokia)

 * PulseAudio in the Embedded World (Arun Raghavan, Collabora

 * and a whole bunch of other interesting talks

=== ===

 * Implementing DLNA using GStreamer (Zeeshan Ali, Nokia)

 * Cross-Platform Development with GStreamer (Mike Smith, Songbird)

 * A GStreamer-based Framework for Adaptive Streaming
   Applications (Emanuele Quacchio, ST Microelectronics)

 * Intel SMD elements in GStreamer (Josep Torra, Fluendo)

 * Optimizing Multimedia with Orc (David Schleef, Entropy Wave)

 * Landell - Live Streaming for the Masses (Luciana Fujii, Holoscopio)

 * Flumotion and GStreamer (Zaheer Merali)

 * Adaptive Video Streaming with ICE and GStreamer
   (Andrey Nechypurenko, Maksym Parkachov)

And for those who missed them: the main room talks were:

=== ===
===   ===

 * Keynote: GStreamer - Current and Future
   Developments (Wim Taymans, Collabora Multimedia)

 * Webkit, HTML5 and GStreamer (Philippe Normand, Igalia)

 * Video Editing in your Pocket (Edward Hervey, Collabora Multimedia)

 * GStreamer and OMAP4 (Rob Clark, Texas Instruments)

 * Integrating Videoconferencing into Everyday
   Applications (Olivier Crête, Collabora)

 * Case Study: Tandberg and GStreamer (Håvard Graff, Tandberg)

 * Case Study: GStreamer on Axis Devices (Jonas Holmberg, Axis)

 * 3D Stereoscopic and GStreamer (Martin Bisson)

 * GStreamer and WebM (Sebastian Dröge, Collabora Multimedia)

 * Using GStreamer for Building Automated Webcasting
   Systems(Florent Thiery, UbiCast)

 * Interactivity in GStreamer pipelines (Jan Schmidt, Oracle)

Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Links and slides also on

Many thanks to the Free Electrons and UbiCast!


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