GStreamer Conference 2012 Schedule is online!

Christian Schaller christian.schaller at
Thu Jul 19 10:22:38 PDT 2012

I am happy to announce that the schedule for this years GStreamer
Conference is now available. In addition to talks about core GStreamer
topics like GStreamer 1.0, the GStreamer SDK and hardware enablement
with GStreamer 1.0, we can also offer a great selection of talks on
related multimedia technologies such as ALSA, Wayland, V4L, OpenGL and
Mesa and the Opus Audio Codec this year. So if you are only attending
one conference this year about Linux multimedia, then this conference
should be the one.

Be sure to check out the GStreamer Conference website to see the
current schedule and detailed description of this years talks:

So if you haven't registered to attend already make sure to do so now
and we hope to see you all in San Diego, USA. We have also tried to
put in more breaks this year to allow more time for networking and
socialising around the talks, in order to give everyone attending more
time to speak with the core developers and speakers at the conference,
as we consider this part of the core value of the conference.

The conference is also co-located with LinuxCon North America and
Linux Plumbers Conference, so you might want to consider also
attending those events. More information can be found on the GStreamer
Conference website.

We would also like to say thank you to our sponsors and partners for
making this conference possible. This includes our Gold Sponsor
Collabora and our Silver sponsors Entropy Wave, Fluendo, Igalia and
Google. Also a special thanks to our press partners and who both will be covering the event and Ubicast who will
be recording all the talks like they did last year.

Christian Schaller

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