RELEASE: GStreamer Core and Plugins 1.0.2

Tim-Philipp Müller tim at
Thu Oct 25 05:40:42 PDT 2012

The GStreamer project announces another bug-fix release for the new
API and ABI-stable 1.x series of the GStreamer multimedia framework.

The 1.x series is a stable series targeted at end users. It is not API
or ABI compatible with the 0.10.x series. It can, however, be installed
in parallel with the 0.10.x series and will not affect an existing
0.10.x installation.

Changes since 1.0.1:

      * collectpads: ensure all timestamps are in same time domain
      * gobject-introspection: fix GstSample annotations
      * info: allow gst_debug_add_log_function() to be called before gst_init()
      * event: allow GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE as duration for GAP events
      * documentation: new chapters and updates for the application development manual and the plugin writer's guide
      * alsa: fix probing of supported formats, and advertise non-native-endianness formats as fallback
      * audiobasesink: properly handle GAP events (fixing some isses with e.g. certain DVD menus)
      * audioconvert: try harder to not convert or to preserve input format precision
      * audiodecoder: leak fixes and refcounting fixes
      * audioresample: re-enable the SSE/SSE2 code paths for better performance
      * riff: fix paletted RGB formats and msvideo mapping
      * rtsp: make formatting and parsing of range floating-point values locale-independent
      * playbin: streamsynchronizer fixes, esp. for handling corner-cases near EOS
      * videoconvert: fix handling of paletted RGB formats
      * videodecoder: don't leak message strings when error is not fatal
      * videodecoder: finetune missing timestamp estimating
      * videotestsrc: add palette for paletted RGB formats
      * vorbistag: fix writing of image tags into vorbis comments
      * avidemux: fix handling of paletted and other raw RGB data
      * flacparse: ignore bad headers if we have a valid STREAMINFO header; improve coverart extraction
      * jpegdepay: store quant tables in zigzag order
      * matroskamux: do not use unoffical V_MJPEG codec id; fix subtitle request sink pad name and functionality
      * videofilter: add videomedian element
      * pulsesink: fix caps leak and potential crasher in acceptcaps function
      * pulsesink: start the ringbuffer on GAP events without duration
      * qtdemux: add support for 'generic' samples; allow more streams
      * qtdemux: support more ProRes variants; fix memory leak for MS/RIFF audio
      * qtdemux: with raw audio, set a default channel-mask for multichannel audio
      * rtpbin: set PTS and DTS in jitterbufffer
      * rtpbin: use running-time for NTP time when use-pipeline-clock is set
      * rtpsession: inform source when caps change
      * udpsrc: use negotiated allocator or pool
      * videobox: use out_info for out properties
      * videocrop: port to videofilter
      * videomixer2: Fix race condition where a src setcaps is ignored
      * vp8enc: fix default target-bitrate value; set DECODE_ONLY flag on invisible frames
      * dvdreadsrc: correctly set next cell when seeking to sector
      * dvdreadsrc: update dvd event to enhanced approach as used in mpegpsdemux
      * dvdsubparse: send src caps when receiving sink caps
      * directsoundsrc: port to 1.0
      * dtsdec: fix buffer parsing
      * fieldanalysis: actually build (remove from the NONPORTED plugins list)
      * hlsdemux: numerous thread-safety fixes, and an invalid memory access fix
      * mpegdemux: handle and combine downstream flow returns better
      * mpegdemux: make work properly with dvdreadsrc
      * mpegtsdemux: PES header parsing fixes; fix potential crash
      * mpegtsdemux: First push EOS, then destroy all programs
      * mpegtsmux: fix buffer refcounting issue
      * mpeg4videoparse: correctly parse the full first frame; properly mark config data presence
      * mpegvideoparse: correctly parse the full first frame; signal interlacing properly in caps
      * pitch: fix for start times > 0 (e.g. ogg streaming)
      * rtmpsink: handle RTMP_Write() return value correctly, fix memory leak
      * scaletempo: fix timestamp and latency query handling, and event leak
      * subenc: port to 1.0
      * other bug fixes

API additions since 1.0.1:

      * GstElement::post_message() vfunc
      * tcpserver{sink,src}: add 'current-port' property and signal actually used port
      * multiudpsink: add "force-ipv4" option and "multicast-iface" property
      * audioparse: add "use-sink-caps" property for mode where only timestamping is performed

Bugs fixed since 1.0.1:

      * 680862 : identity with single-segment=true gives buffer.pts of CLOCK_TIME_NONE
      * 684538 : baseparse: no timestamps after seeking in mp3 or aac
      * 684755 : typo - whithin > within
      * 684765 : Plugins without a klass in the metadata crashes autoaudiosink
      * 684809 : proxypad don't hold a ref to their internal pad while streaming through it
      * 684970 : Don't register printf extension for %p when glib is not using system printf
      * 684981 : Pipeline hangs on PREROLLING negotiating caps
      * 685072 : memory: map(READ)/unmap clears the READONLY status
      * 580093 : tcpserversink,src: add 'current-port' property and signal actually used port when port=0 was set
      * 680904 : alsasink: no supported formats detected with using USB sound card on big-endian system
      * 683098 : videodecoder: log failure message if acquire_buffer failed
      * 684411 : rtsp: range in SDP formatted according to locale
      * 685273 : Pre-rolling on GAP events doesn't work properly for audio sinks
      * 685711 : audio, video: update docs for virtual functions that require chaining up
      * 685938 : decodebin: Issues with group switching algorithm
      * 686081 : adder: all unit tests crash now after collectpads changes
      * 686298 : Cannot decode some AVI files with Microsoft Video 1
      * 654216 : vp8enc: tag invisible frames
      * 682481 : multiudpsink: add force-ipv4 option (problem when streaming RTP to multicast address)
      * 683782 : Segfault in pulsesink.c:2077 gst_pulsesink_pad_acceptcaps()
      * 683842 : Fix race condition in videomixer2 on 0.10
      * 684701 : flacparse: fails to parse flac file with broken header: " Invalid metablock size for STREAMINFO: 8196 "
      * 685864 : Add multicast-iface property to multiudpsink
      * 686008 : qtdemux: crashes in push mode with gst_qtdemux_guess_bitrate: assertion failed: (size > = qtdemux- > header_size)
      * 686046 : avidemux: can't play 8-bit indexed RGB video
      * 686550 : qtdemux: no streams found for, m1v video fourcc
      * 686642 : udpsrc: trivial typo causes compilation error
      * 686748 : Fix build script typo for generating the file
      * 623387 : mpegdemux: check base_time before calculating new_start 
      * 673414 : directsoundsrc: Port to 1.0
      * 681459 : rtmpsink: memory leak
      * 685709 : mpeg4videoparse: AVI file with XVID video doesn't want to preroll: p_length.avi
      * 685895 : mpegvideoparse: signal interlacing correctly in caps using new " interlace-mode " field
      * 686009 : rtmpsink: handle RTMP_Write() return value correctly
      * 686294 : tsdemux: Fix checking P-STD_buffer marker in PES header
      * 686327 : mpegtsmux: fix refcount issue with input buffers
      * 686358 : tsdemux: fix potential crash dereferencing NULL program pointer
      * 686520 : wayland: update to wayland-protocol 0.99
      * 686547 : rtpopuspay outputs unparseable caps
      * 686595 : mpg123: misc improvements and fixes
      * 686774 : curl: add a comment describing function...
      * 686829 : opusdec: invalid gst_buffer_unmap() call for NULL buffer

Per-module release notes:

Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:
10c59112bb01a274eb33950300da13d25fd23a7494781bf1b2328372fdb6ee06  gstreamer-1.0.2.tar.xz
7ce2c4462ff89f62a82b4503a3788ce2e5077f886e535796fecc223397acf78d  gst-plugins-base-1.0.2.tar.xz
34762dbd1462dd31b6ca2a01cf6477843c9dc7112e5819cc9d6dd7396b79244c  gst-plugins-good-1.0.2.tar.xz
6f74dfbe9a18220a6a5961043676ff639bab7ea376335ea5aa9c95934c535c6d  gst-plugins-ugly-1.0.2.tar.xz
9e503305799a2b6eb9d0b77c59b8aa8bbe9e6eb815a0635bd013560c73996579  gst-plugins-bad-1.0.2.tar.xz
143099eb7b099d52f764b7ce74ad6de2c4261aadd74dd2a315011a568b18a1e9  gst-libav-1.0.2.tar.xz

Updated packages should be available shortly in debian sid, fedora 18, ubuntu
quantal, and other distros.

As always, please let us know of any issues you run into by filing a bug
in bugzilla:

Happy hacking!

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