RELEASE: GStreamer Core and Plugins 1.0.5

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Tue Jan 8 04:17:40 PST 2013

The GStreamer project announces another bug-fix release for the new
API and ABI-stable 1.x series of the GStreamer multimedia framework.

The 1.x series is a stable series targeted at end users. It is not API
or ABI compatible with the 0.10.x series. It can, however, be installed
in parallel with the 0.10.x series and will not affect an existing
0.10.x installation.

Changes since 1.0.4:

  * rtspsrc: fix regression that make rtspsrc hang when stopping
  * alsasrc: don't output buffers without timestamps or with bogus timestamps
  * add GST_CLOCK_TYPE_OTHER clock type
  * discoverer, decodebin: fix state change re-sync race that might lead to deadlocks
  * add GST_BIN_FLAG_NO_RESYNC flag that disables a resync when
    an element is added, removed or linked in the bin; this is
    interesting for complex bins that dynamically add elements
    to themselves and want to manage the state of those elements
    without interference from state resync threads (which may
    cause deadlocks)
  * video: fix crashes with and frame sizes of A420 video format
  * fix VP6-alpha video playback
  * jpegenc: pass flow returns upstream
  * audio/video parsers: fix negotiation with encoders in some transcoding cases
  * qtdemux: fix pixel-aspect-ratio of some files with ProRes video
  * cairo: port cairooverlay to 1.0
  * psdemux: tentative port to 1.0; take into account both DTS and PTS
  * shm: Actually get the permissions on get_property
  * waylandsink: do not default to fullscreen mode
  * build: fix build with new automake 1.13
  * Pass CC, LD, AS, AR and NM to the libav configure if set

Bugs fixed since 1.0.4:

  * 690915 : Replace AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS in
  * 691244 : unable to play flv file with VP6 alpha video
  * 690184 : audioparsers, videoparsers: return too strict caps on the sinkpads, messing up transcoding
  * 690476 : regression: unable to stop rtsp stream
  * 691098 : v4l2src: breaks because of changed ioctl error return code from driver on failed control query in 3.8-rc1
  * 690097 : resindvd: Handle non-utf8 dvd title string correctly
  * 690442 : waylandsink: Should not default to a fullscreen surface

Contributors to this release:

  * Joe Konno
  * Michael Smith
  * Nicolas Dufresne
  * Olivier Crête
  * Robert Krakora
  * Sebastian Dröge
  * Thijs Vermeir
  * Tim-Philipp Müller
  * Wim Taymans
  * Youness Alaoui
Per-module release notes:

Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:
26c2827567f09a46d0a3bc1e7f8696b2ae72b047306539178079abae487c5b77  gstreamer-1.0.5.tar.xz
37ce6e09b99ef3879111c861ee5090582b4fd4c764e81ab6eb2b2b4dd77d7173  gst-plugins-base-1.0.5.tar.xz
53bd0b848e7896f1b22548ca4e8be56cf425e5100e121c472dff8272d5140bc5  gst-plugins-good-1.0.5.tar.xz
a62a182ea96d9b2783b493b46d531914db9d2ebb9e537e9c84668fe752791331  gst-plugins-ugly-1.0.5.tar.xz
2e8f5b9a2fd274142d0a916b6425b9466028978b85858dc835dc80de744b276a  gst-plugins-bad-1.0.5.tar.xz
aef8be665096b3a4e64424fb39d7c5da57faaaf95e9fea6c1bb44295d4fb32d5  gst-libav-1.0.5.tar.xz

Updated packages should be available shortly in debian sid, fedora 18, ubuntu, and other distros.

As always, please let us know of any issues you run into by filing a bug
in bugzilla:

Happy hacking!

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