RELEASE: GStreamer 1.0.7 binaries for Windows, Mac OS X and Android

Sebastian Dröge sebastian.droege at
Mon Jun 10 11:01:31 PDT 2013

The GStreamer project is pleased to announce binary builds for GStreamer
1.0.7, the plugin modules and all their dependencies. In future the team
hopes to update these binary builds shortly after every stable GStreamer
release. Builds are currently provided for Windows (32/64 bit), Mac OS X
(32/64 bit x86) and Android (ARM). Future releases will include support
for iOS.

This effort is made by the GStreamer project to make easy to use
GStreamer 1.0 binaries available for the supported platforms. It uses
the same cerbero build system as provided by the GStreamer SDK project. 

These binary builds include the GStreamer core, the plugin modules and
all their dependencies. Unlike the GStreamer SDK, other complementary
software such as GTK+ and Clutter is not included.

Any bugs affecting these builds should be sent to the GStreamer Bugzilla and any questions to the
GStreamer developers mailing list

The installation and usage instructions from
are also valid for these binaries with the following caveats:

1) Only the GStreamer 1.0 API is supported, so the 0.10 tutorials won't
compile as is and need to be ported to the new API.

2) On Windows the Visual Studio template is called gst-template instead
of gst-sdk-template and the environment variables are
GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_X86_64 and GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_X86 instead of

3) On Android the requires GSTREAMER_ROOT or
GSTREAMER_SDK_ROOT_ANDROID. The Makefile include is called instead of

The files can be downloaded from here:
cca0e8d3081bf6cca2492a5f5552a7439c1fa3b9e0bdfee5a2f10020c844aee1  gstreamer-1.0-x86-1.0.7.msi
b1ef1391065a40a229066fc23699201ab963d1ae4288ab9debe7e298d469caa6  gstreamer-1.0-devel-x86-1.0.7.msi
2f7f8a1e3d0ec8eecefa25076f031cc80eb9e16df231a3fb5382496b7cab10bf  gstreamer-1.0-x86_64-1.0.7.msi
4c8323b8d2add0ea8c26097bdea63e93f32e8aeab894b56545156b19de60f4cd  gstreamer-1.0-devel-x86_64-1.0.7.msi
ae47f75fa39de9334ec885d8536ae7cb66ea5875c867cf46659b37ab1c460ffe  gstreamer-1.0-1.0.7-universal.pkg
1975e6ddf7c081f24750d534badf7e873601c602a2c917f8493cc81871f5b8f4  gstreamer-1.0-devel-1.0.7-universal.pkg
aca9b41723abfcbfe663e32c066c4c4f8845567948dc63cff08bf9a33f7c3d7b  gstreamer-1.0-android-arm-1.0.7-debug.tar.bz2
f27e7df546d4b078ad21c5d595e17438f67cca2b3ba9db8ab3ad0c9c28aa0a9d  gstreamer-1.0-android-arm-1.0.7-release.tar.bz2
43dcf48bb73e485e6e59b919e7fd49dd13361787fed4054e34e958f0ed041dbe  gstreamer-1.0-android-arm-1.0.7-debug-runtime.tar.bz2
18a7fb48f4a95e788cd3d5c4eae5b7fe4f983f6a4d87c6037df537c172557120  gstreamer-1.0-android-arm-1.0.7-release-runtime.tar.bz2

Should you be interested in building the binaries yourself the following
cerbero branch can be used. This will probably be stored in a central
place on fd.o in the future:

For those who need it, the GStreamer SDK project continues to offer
GStreamer 0.10 builds for the same platforms. Queries regarding the
GStreamer SDK should be directed to Collabora and Fluendo via

Have fun!
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