GStreamer 0.10 no longer maintained

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Mon Mar 11 03:32:57 PDT 2013

GStreamer 0.10 no longer maintained

Just a quick clarification, since it seems this was never announced
officially outside of the conference circuit: GStreamer 0.10 is no
longer maintained. Not by us, not by anyone else. There will be no more
GStreamer 0.10 releases, not even bug-fix releases. Bugs will not be
investigated unless they also apply to GStreamer 1.x. Patches will only
be reviewed and pushed if they apply to one of the current 1.x branches
or fix an issue that still pertains to 1.x. Bug fixes have not been
backported systematically to 0.10 for a very long time now, and there
are many hundreds of bugs that have only been fixed in 1.x, and many
more are fixed every week. Any commits to the 0.10 branch are made
purely on an ad-hoc basis now, and we may lock down the branch
completely. No more features will be added to 0.10. However, GStreamer
0.10 support is of course still available on a commercial basis from the
usual suspects.

We realise and regret that this may cause some inconvenience, and we
also understand that there are circumstances where there are valid
reasons not to migrate to 1.0 at this time, or in some cases ever, but
we would also like to dispel any doubt whatsoever that there is any
other way. We have neither the resources, nor the will or the energy to
maintain more than one major version. We must use the little resources
we have on code that has a future.

We are happy to provide help and advice to anyone migrating to 1.0. If
there are plugins that haven't been ported yet that you need, let us
know, maybe we can help get them ported.

Thanks for your understanding.

Happy hacking, see you on the other side!

  - Your GStreamer maintainers and release managers

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