RELEASE: GStreamer Core, Plugins, RTSP Server, Editing Services, Python 1.6.2 stable release

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Dec 14 11:40:40 PST 2015

The GStreamer team is proud to announce the second bugfix release in
the stable 1.6 release series of your favourite cross-platform
multimedia framework!

This release only contains bugfixes and it is safe to update from 1.6.0
and 1.6.1. For a full list of bugfixes see Bugzilla:

See for the latest version of this document.

Major bugfixes

- Crashes in gst-libav with sinks that did not provide a buffer pool
  but supported video metadata were fixed. This affected d3dvideosink
  and some 3rd party sinks. Also related fixes for crashes when a downstream
  buffer pool failed allocation.
- Big GL performance improvement on iOS by a factor of 2 by using Apple's sync
- Deadlocks in the DirectSound elements on Windows, and the behaviour of its
  mute property were fixed.
- The Direct3D video sink does not crash anymore when minimizing the window
- The library soname generation on Android >= 6.0 was fixed, which previously
  caused GStreamer to fail to load there.
- File related elements have large-file (>2GB) support on Android now.
- gst-libav was updated to ffmpeg 2.8.3.
- Deserialization of custom events in the GDP depayloader was fixed.
- Missing OpenGL context initialization in the Qt/QML video sink was fixed in
  certain situations.
- Interoperability with some broken RTSP servers using HTTP tunnel was
- Various compilation fixes for Windows.
- Various smaller memory leak and other fixes in different places.
- and many, many more:

Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:
5896716bd8e089dba452932a2eff2bb6f6c9d58ff64a96635d157f1ffaf8feb2  gstreamer-1.6.2.tar.xz
c75dd400e451526ed71e1c4955e33d470a2581f5e71ecf84920a41c0a5c75322  gst-plugins-base-1.6.2.tar.xz
876e54dfce93274b98e024f353258d35fa4d49d1f9010069e676c530f6eb6a92  gst-plugins-good-1.6.2.tar.xz
650855e39ff56a8bb6cb0c192109c5926ce12f536d06e19ebf829de71ef396fe  gst-plugins-bad-1.6.2.tar.xz
e7f1b6321c8667fabc0dedce3998a3c6e90ce9ce9dea7186d33dc4359f9e9845  gst-plugins-ugly-1.6.2.tar.xz
2597acc00171006d49f0d300440a87df51b113d557466e532153abc740db3469  gst-libav-1.6.2.tar.xz
0f51f9879556c0950203c766b09a1b62f1f25b17f9a7d516e01b13ecf93c8858  gst-rtsp-server-1.6.2.tar.xz
4e763e317079f48a2d6f37bd600bc19650d61597fac9f5763dbad293f72f9125  gst-python-1.6.2.tar.xz
d12a174bac7af71f22f9d270aca7bd7abd6478d86247240e5d1e358c645d40c4  gstreamer-editing-services-1.6.2.tar.xz

As always, please let us know of any issues you run into by filing a
bug in Bugzilla:

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