GStreamer Conference 2015 - Talks and Speakers

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Wed Sep 2 04:49:31 PDT 2015

The GStreamer Conference team is pleased to announce this year's lineup
of talks and speakers covering again an exciting range of topics!

The GStreamer Conference 2015 will take place on 8-9 October 2015 in
Dublin (Ireland) and will be co-hosted with the Embedded Linux
Conference Europe (ELCE) and LinuxCon Europe.

Details about the conference and how to register can be found on the
conference website at

This year's topics and speakers:

 - Interactive video playback and capture in the Processing Language via GStreamer · Andres Colubri

 - Distributed transcoding with GStreamer · Thiago Sousa Santos, Samsung

 - Tiled Streaming of UHD video in real-time · Arjen Veenhuizen, TNO

 - GStreamer and WebKit · Philippe Normand, Igalia

 - Hardware accelerated multimedia on TI’s Jacinto 6 SoC · Pooja Prajod, Texas Instruments

 - Demystifying the allocation query · Nicolas Dufresne, Collabora

 - Synchronised multi-room media playback and distributed live media processing and mixing with GStreamer · Sebastian Dröge, Centricular

 - Implementing a WebRTC endpoint in GStreamer: challenges, problems and perspectives · Dr Luis López, Kurento

 - OpenGL Desktop/ES for the GStreamer pipeline · Matthew Waters, Centricular

 - Robust lipsync error detection using gstreamer and QR Codes · Florent Thiery, Ubicast

 - GStreamer VAAPI: Hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding on Intel hardware · Víctor M. Jáquez L., Igalia

 - Colorspaces and HDMI · Hans Verkuil, Cisco

 - GStreamer State of the union · Tim-Philipp Müller, Centricular

 - Video Filters and their applications · Sanjay Narasimha Murthy, Samsung

 - Camera Sharing and Sandboxing with Pinos · Wim Taymans, RedHat

 - Stereoscopic (3D) Video in GStreamer Redux · Jan Schmidt, Centricular

 - Bin It! AKA, How to use bins and bin subclasses to keep state local and easily manage dynamic pipelines · Vivia Nikolaidou, ToolsOnAir

 - The HeliosTv Distributed DVB stack · Romain Picard, SoftAtHome

 - How to contribute to GStreamer · Luis de Bethencourt, Samsung

 - GstPlayer - A simple cross-platform API for all your media playback needs · Sebastian Dröge, Centricular

 - Improving GStreamer performance on large pipelines: from profiling to optimization · Miguel París

 - Kurento Media Server: experiences bringing GStreamer capabilities to WWW developers · José Antonio Santos

 - ToolsOnAir's mixing pipeline architecture overview · Heinrich Fink, ToolsOnAir

 - Distributed Acoustic Triangulation · Jan Schmidt, Centricular

 - Chromium GStreamer backend · Julien Isorce, Samsung

 - ogv.js: bringing open codecs to Safari and IE with emscripten · Brion Vibber, Wikimedia

 - Bringing GStreamer to Radio Broadcasting · Marcin Lewandowski

 - Daala and NetVC: the next-generation of royalty free video codecs · Thomas Daele, Mozilla

 - Profiling individual GStreamer elements · Kyrylo Polezhaiev

 - Pointing cameras at TVs: when HDMI video-capture is not an option · Will Manley, stb-tester

 - decodebin3: designing the next generation playback engine · Edward Hervey, Centricular

Lightning Talks:

 - Hyperspectral imagery · Dimitrios Katsaros, QTechnology

 - Industrial application pipelines · Dimitrios Katsaros, QTechnology

 - gst-gtk-launch-1.0 · Florent Thiery, Ubicast

 - liborc (JIT SIMD generator) experiments · Wim Taymans, RedHat

 - V4L2 GStreamer elements update · Nicolas Dufresne, Collabora

 - Analyzing caps negotiation with GstTracer · Thiago Sousa Santos, Samsung

 - Know your queues! queue, queue2, multiqueue, netbuffer and all that · Tim-Philipp Müller

 - Nle: A new design for the GStreamer Non Linear Engine · Thibault Saunier

 - What is new in GstValidate · Thibault Saunier

 - Continuous Integration update · Edward Hervey

 - Remote GStreamer Debugger · Marcin Kolny

 - gstreamermm C++ wrapper · Marcin Kolny

 - Multipath RTP (MPRTP) plugin in GStreamer · Balázs Kreith

 - OpenCV and GStreamer · Vanessa Chipi 

 - your lightning talk here?

Full talk abstracts and speaker biographies will be published shortly.

Many thanks to our sponsors, Google and Centricular, without whom the
conference would not be possible in this form. And to Ubicast who will
be recording the talks again.

Considering becoming a sponsor? Please check out our sponsor brief on
the conference website:

We hope to see you all in Dublin in October! Don't forget to register!


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