RELEASE: ORC 0.4.26 released

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Wed Aug 31 10:17:10 UTC 2016

This announces a new bug-fix release of Orc, the Optimized inner loop
Runtime Compiler.


  - Use 64 bit arithmetic to increment the stride if needed (Wim Taymans)
  - Fix generation of ModR/M / SIB bytes for the EBP, R12, R13 registers
    on X86/X86-64 (Sebastian Dröge)
  - Fix test_parse unit test if no executable backend is available (Pascal Terjan)
  - Add orc-test path to the -uninstalled .pc file (Josep Torra)
  - Fix compiler warnings in the tests on OS X (Josep Torra)

  7d52fa80ef84988359c3434e1eea302d077a08987abdde6905678ebcad4fa649  orc-0.4.26.tar.xz

Sebastian Dröge, Centricular Ltd ·
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