RELEASE: GStreamer Rust bindings 0.16.0

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Jul 6 12:43:49 UTC 2020

A new version of the GStreamer Rust bindings, 0.16.0, was released.

As usual this release follows the latest gtk-rs[0] release.

This is the first version that includes optional support for new
GStreamer 1.18 APIs. As GStreamer 1.18 was not released yet, these new APIs might still change. The minimum supported version of the bindings is still GStreamer 1.8 and the targetted GStreamer API version can be selected by applications via feature flags.

Apart from this, new version features mostly features API cleanup and
the addition of a few missing APIs. The focus of this release was to make usage of GStreamer from Rust as convenient and complete as possible.

The new release also brings a lot of bugfixes, most of which were
already part of the 0.15.x bugfix releases.

Details can be found in the release notes for gstreamer-rs and

The code and documentation for the bindings is available on the GitLab

 *  GStreamer Rust Bindings:

 *  GStreamer Rust Plugins:

 *  GStreamer Rust FFI Bindings:

as well as on

If you find any bugs, notice any missing features or other issues
please report them in GitLab:

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