GStreamer repository unification completed

Thibault Saunier tsaunier at
Wed Sep 29 22:35:52 UTC 2021

We're thrilled to announce that the GStreamer git mono repository
transition is now complete and we're open for business again!

A while ago we made a request for comments on the development mailing
list[0] about that idea and today it is finally completed.

"Git mono repository?"

In short, the code for various GStreamer plugin and library modules now no
longer lives in separate git repositories but in one single git repository:
the "mono repository".

The mono repository lives in the existing GStreamer core git repository in
the new "main" branch, and all future development will take place there.

All of this will primarily affect GStreamer developers and contributors and
anyone with workflows based on GStreamer git repos.

The Rust bindings and Rust plugins modules have not been merged into the
mono repository at this time because they follow a different release cycle.

Cerbero, our package builder for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS, also
stays in its separate modules.

Check out our Monorepo FAQ for a list of questions and answers:

To get started simply fetch yourself a fresh clone:

git clone

If you have open Merge Requests in GitLab, there's a helper script to move
them over to the GStreamer module, including all discussions and review
comments (see FAQ).

If your Merge Request was already made against GStreamer core, all you need
to do is to edit it and change the target branch from "master" to "main"
using the GitLab web interface.

If you have local branches that haven't been submitted as a Merge Request
yet, there is also a script to easily import them into the GStreamer module
and rebase them on top of the new main branch. (see FAQ)

Thanks for your patience and many thanks to everyone involved behind the


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