[Gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 124504] - mp3 id3v1 isn't using local encoding

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------- Additional Comments From in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de  2004-04-21 20:36 -------
Uhm, there is no "local encoding" when you downloaded files from the net. Since
ID3v1 does not specify the encoding to use, people have files encoded in all
sorts of encodings. You can't just rely that it's the local encoding.
The approach taken by GStreamer when reading tags has been to try in that order:
- UTF-8
- locale
- ISO-8859-1
And use the first of these that works.

Tag writing when encoding is done by the lame library and I have absolutely no
clue how we should handle it. Since it's unspecified and UTF-8 is the only
mapping that allows 1:1 conversion, I'd prefer to use that, but if that causes
too many other players to fail we should use a different approach.
We need to keep in mind that it needs to work in non-Western countries, too.

Local encoding is most likely not an option, because Linux user are switching
more and more to using UTF-8 as their locale. Hardcoding 8859-1 is bad for the
other 5 billion people in the world.
Any good solution out there?

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