[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 150918] - Error during build of gstreamer module

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Tue Aug 24 01:43:46 PDT 2004

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james at jamesh.id.au changed:

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------- Additional Comments From james at jamesh.id.au  2004-08-24 04:43 -------
On IRC shaunm said he reproduced this, and there doesn't appear to be any bug
reports about this, so I am marking this bug confirmed.

Probably related to David Schleef's commit on the 18th:

2004-08-18  David Schleef  <ds at schleef.org>

	* docs/gst/Makefile.am: Remove --ignore-fail-on-non-empty (#150331)
	* docs/libs/Makefile.am: same
	* docs/gst/tmpl/gstxml.sgml: Remove GstXMLNs
	* docs/random/ds/0.9-planning: random additions
	* docs/random/ds/0.9-suggested-changes: same
	* gst/gstxml.h: remove vestigal GstXMLNs definition

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