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------- Additional Comments From gnome at roalt.com  2004-12-06 05:28 -------
Hi All,

I'm Roalt, the original developer of the r263 library. I've written it in
1995-1996, but it seems it's still popular.

My e-mail address for H-263 related is h263 (at) roalt (dot) com. I cannot
remember I ever had an e-mail called aalmoes at huygens.nl (maybe huygens.org) but
this is already strongly outdated.

The code I have written was based upon LGPL code from someone at Telenor wrote.
I improved it signicantly (read:completely rewrote it) so it was useful for
real-time encoding/decoding. The code is 100% GPL so feel free to use it in any
(L)GPL way you like it.

The software patents is another thing. But to be frank: I do not know anything
about them: in the 8 years I have the code available, not a single company
complained about it. It might be different if you put it in a commercial
product, just like with mp3-codecs probably. 

I think there are now lot of improved codecs and H.263 is not used much. I don't
think anyone will complain about it when you put it in GStreamer.

See my homepage www.roalt.com, then click on H.263. I do not actively support
the code anymore, but I'm always willing to answer some of your questions.

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