[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 155163] [avidemux] don't know FOURCC s323 and samr (from mobiles/3GP files)

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Sun Dec 12 16:12:47 PST 2004

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            Summary|Doesn't play 3GP files      |[avidemux] don't know FOURCC
                   |                            |s323 and samr (from
                   |                            |mobiles/3GP files)

------- Additional Comments From bugs at leroutier.net  2004-12-12 19:12 -------
s323 decoding should work : ffdec_h263[i] should do the trick
it just looks like the "s263" FOURCC should be added in avidemux to video/x-h263


for audio ("samr"), gst-ffmpeg has this 'CODEC_ID_AMR_NB'

    case CODEC_ID_AMR_NB:
    case CODEC_ID_AMR_WB:
      /* what's this? ffmpeg uses external libs here that we don't include
       * so there's no point in defining those. Still, I want to know what
       * it actually is... */

so, good news for ronald, we know what it is, some mobile specific audio format

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