[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 134384] [build] GST_ARCH check for libmmx seems wrong

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Tue Dec 14 14:02:37 PST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From bugs at leroutier.net  2004-12-14 17:02 -------
wasn't this fixed on 2004-12-14 by David Schleef ?

gstreamer :

2004-12-13  David Schleef  <ds at schleef.org>

	* configure.ac: remove all mmx stuff, because it's not used.
	* docs/random/ds/0.9-suggested-changes: additional notes
	* include/Makefile.am: we don't use these anymore
	* include/mmx.h: remove
	* include/sse.h: remove

common :

2004-12-14  David Schleef  <ds at schleef.org>

	* m4/gst-arch.m4: remove MMX stuff, since it doesn't work and
	isn't needed anywhere

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