[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 153815] crashes importing library due to vob file floating around

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Wed Dec 15 16:09:31 PST 2004

GStreamer | gst-plugins | Ver: 0.8.5

------- Additional Comments From peabody124 at fastmail.fm  2004-12-15 19:09 -------
i am now using gst-plugins-0.8.5 and it gives the following message (i selected
a random vob file) which doesn't crash rhythmbox at least :)

[0x8130ff8] [action_thread_main] rhythmdb.c:1571 (18:04:16): executing
[0x80df500] [rhythmdb_process_events] rhythmdb.c:1345 (18:04:17): processing
[0x80df500] [rhythmdb_process_events] rhythmdb.c:1333 (18:04:17): processing
[0x80df500] [rhythmdb_process_stat_event] rhythmdb.c:1225 (18:04:17): queuing a
RHYTHMDB_ACTION_LOAD: file:///mnt/mp3/dvd/Eurotrip/vob/021/Eurotrip-001.vob
[0x8130ff8] [action_thread_main] rhythmdb.c:1583 (18:04:17): executing
[0x8130ff8] [rb_metadata_load] rb-metadata-gst.c:495 (18:04:17): loading
metadata for uri: file:///mnt/mp3/dvd/Eurotrip/vob/021/Eurotrip-001.vob
[0x8130ff8] [rb_metadata_gst_typefind_cb] rb-metadata-gst.c:448 (18:04:17):
found type video/mpeg
[0x8130ff8] [rb_metadata_gst_error_cb] rb-metadata-gst.c:359 (18:04:17): caught
error: Internal GStreamer error: pad problem.  File a bug.

(rhythmbox:21963): GStreamer-WARNING **: pushing data on non-negotiated pad
dvddemux0:current_audio, not allowed.
[0x8130ff8] [rb_metadata_load] rb-metadata-gst.c:587 (18:04:17): ignoring file
file:///mnt/mp3/dvd/Eurotrip/vob/021/Eurotrip-001.vob with detected type video/mpeg
[0x80df500] [rhythmdb_process_events] rhythmdb.c:1337 (18:04:18): processing
[0x80df500] [rhythmdb_process_metadata_load] rhythmdb.c:1250 (18:04:18):
unsupported file

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