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------- Additional Comments From bugs at leroutier.net  2004-12-18 18:53 -------
hum, screenshotsrc ???? it should be a SINK

when providing a new plugin, please, follow one of the following :
  1) attach a tarball containing all the files
  2) attach a diff against latest release(or better, CVS) with the -N option

what about 'pngenc' ? (AFAIK, it can already do this work)
and what about 'snapshot' ?

plus it was implemented in totem lately :

2004-10-08  Ronald S. Bultje  <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>

	* src/Makefile.am:
	* src/bacon-video-widget-gst.c: (bacon_video_widget_signal_idler),
	(got_video_size), (caps_set), (state_change),
	(bacon_video_widget_can_get_frames), (destroy_pixbuf),
	(bacon_video_widget_get_current_frame), (bacon_video_widget_new):
	* src/gstscreenshot.c: (bvw_frame_conv_base_init),
	(bvw_frame_conv_class_init), (bvw_frame_conv_init),
	(bvw_frame_conv_get), (bvw_frame_conv_put),
	* src/gstscreenshot.h:
	* src/totem-video-thumbnailer.c: (main):
	  Screenshots and thumbnailing for GStreamer backend.

so, please told us what are the good and the bad of your plugin compared to those

sorry if this comment looks a bit negative, and thanks for contributing

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