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------- Additional Comments From ds at schleef.org  2004-12-19 02:20 -------
Ok, I looked at it.  I understand a lot more about this issue.  Negotiation
itself is pretty efficient about moving caps structures around.  (One issue
which we'll probably fix in 0.9 is that elements and GstPads tend to each have a
copy of the allowed caps, but that's mostly irrelevant here.)

The problem is that alsa, combined with multichannel caps, creates *huge* caps
structures which then get shuffled around a lot.  alsasink creates a caps that
contains 46 structures on my system.  lists and fixed lists are not partcularly
efficient to deal with, in terms of basic operations (compare, intersect, etc.).
 So there's two slowing factors that are multiplied together.

Is there any way to determine what format alsa will use to transfer to the
hardware?  That's really the only interesting thing for alsa caps.

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