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 GStreamer | gstreamer (core) | Ver: 0.8.0

------- Additional Comments From Tim-Philipp Müller  2005-03-17 05:37 -------
Hmm, it seems to plug a second spider. Also, it finds 'id3demux' for
application/x-id3 and not 'id3demuxbin' (but apparently doesn't use it).

Could you check with gst-inspect-0.8:

  * whether you have an 'id3demuxbin' element? 
      - if yes, what rank does it have? 
      - if not, please install the package that has it and try again.
  * what rank the 'id3demux' element has? (Should be: None)

Is it possible that you have a mix of gst-plugins packages from different
gst-plugins versions installed on your system? What's the output of

  gst-inspect-0.8 -a | grep Version | grep -v 0.8.9 | grep -v 0.8.8

(it's okay if plugins show up there, just depends which ones it is)

Also, could you try 

  * rm ~/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml
  * run gst-register-0.8 as root/superuser

just to make sure that doesn't interfere for some reason.


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