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------- Additional Comments From Nickolay V. Shmyrev  2005-03-31 13:26 -------
Thank you, just because you've done most part of work.

> I hope you understand why: it's easier to maintain.

No problem, it's even better.

>Is it possible to autodetect which oss/alsa device belongs with it? It may be
slightly painful for applications to auto-support this. I'm not very familiar
with the radio part of v4l, so it's kinda hard to say for me myself.

Well, I think it can be future work in this area. There are some things left
unimplemented, like stereo support and searching. But if there would be start,
there will be no problem to develop it further. Also it would be nice for
container to detect mixer interface in child and set up record source apropriately.

> A sample application would be sooooooooooooooo cool, basically GNOME radio.
Has to be possible in ~100 lines of python with this element. do you have
something like that?

Bug 168735 has patch that adds v4l radio funtionality for rhythmbox with
v4lradio plugin. I hope it can be considered like sample app. Hope, it will be
reviewed and applied sometime.

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