[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 162963] gst-editor crashes when trying to play from saved xml file

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Tue Sep 20 05:59:30 PDT 2005

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 GStreamer | gst-editor | Ver: 0.8.0

------- Additional Comments From Richard Hughes  2005-09-20 12:59 -------
I get the following:

[hughsie at localhost tools]$ gst-editor
** Message: palette visible: TRUE
** Message: making new palette
** Message: canvas property notify
** Message: show utility palette: 0
** Message: palette visible: FALSE
** Message: canvas property notify

(gst-editor:30420): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_value_set_fraction: assertion
`denominator != 0' failed

(gst-editor:30420): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_value_set_fraction: assertion
`denominator != 0' failed
** Message: linking GUI for ffmpegcolorspace0:src and ximagesink0:sink
** Message: linking GUI for alpha2:sink and videotestsrc1:src
** Message: linking GUI for videocrop1:sink and videotestsrc0:src
** Message: linking GUI for videocrop1:src and alpha1:sink
** Message: linking GUI for videomixer0:src and ffmpegcolorspace0:sink
** Message: linking GUI for videomixer0:sink_00 and alpha2:src
** Message: linking GUI for videoscale1:sink and alpha1:src
** Message: linking GUI for videoscale1:src and videomixer0:sink_01

(gst-editor:30420): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_value_set_fraction: assertion
`denominator != 0' failed

GStreamer-ERROR **: file gstvalue.c: line 2838 (gst_value_compare_fraction):
should not be reached

This is a pretty big showstopper for my project's adoption of gstreamer.

Thanks for any help,


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