[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 326903] UTF-8 characters in ID3v1 tags

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------- Comment #10 from Tim-Philipp Müller  2006-01-14 21:24 UTC -------
Have you tried using id3mux instead of lame for writing ID3 tags?

I think sound-juicer should only be writing ID3v2 tags really.

ID3v1 creates the above-mentioned internationalisation issues, which are simply
unsolvable. While GStreamer can be made to read ID3v1 tags that have a
non-latin1 encoding (by setting a special environment variable
GST_ID3_TAG_ENCODING), it is very very unlikely to ever support writing ID3v1
tags in any encoding other than latin1 or UTF8.

Rippers that don't specify the correct tag encoding when writing ID3v2 tags are
simply completely broken. I've seen (very few) tags like that, and I'm not sure
there's much we can do about them. It is close to impossible to guess the right
character encoding from a series of bytes in a locale-independent manner (and
even then it is very very hard).

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