[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 343312] Assertion `file->wbuf_used_bytes < file->wbuf_size_bytes' failed.

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Mon May 29 10:31:55 PDT 2006

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------- Comment #2 from Jan Schmidt  2006-05-29 17:31 UTC -------
a) I can't see any useful information in that back trace. Perhaps you could run
with the GST_DEBUG=*sink:5 environment variable and redirect stderr to a file?
(eg banshee 2> file.log)

b) That assertion looks like it's inside the alsa libs to me - specifically
inside ALSA's file output plugin.

c) You might be able to avoid alsa altogether and just set banshee's output
sink to something like 'identity ! audio/x-raw-int,rate=48000,width=16,depth=16
! filesink sync=true location=/tmp/airportfifo'. Might need more parameters to
the caps filter than that, but it's worth trying.

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