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Christian Schaller (Singer of Songs) changed:

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------- Comment #15 from Christian Schaller (Singer of Songs)  2006-09-29 17:04 UTC -------
Ok, before we can merge this the licensing needs to be cleared up. There is a
comment in the code saying that some of the code comes from Xine. Which means
that code is GPL. The patch also lacks copyright headers for the Xine
contributors involved.

I have mailed Miguel Freitas to get his permission to relicense to the LGPL as
he seems to at least be one of the contributors involved, but the Xine code
seems to have a complicated history with references to something called
'joschkas real tools' as the origin. I asked Miguel if he also could help us
shed some light of the history of that code. 

If we can't clear up the copyright history of that code it will need to be
replaced before we can merge this patch.

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