[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 377280] [cdiocddasrc] issue if drive endianness != machine endianness

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Brian Cameron changed:

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------- Comment #36 from Brian Cameron  2007-04-23 05:36 UTC -------

Rocky - 

Sun Microsystems can deal with GPL licenses just fine.  We just do not like to
link GPL libraries into LGPL libraries (such as GStreamer).  Since the
GStreamer libcdio cdda plugin was the only place libcdio was ever used on
Solaris, there is no longer a need for libcdio on Solaris now that we have
stopped building this particular plugin.

I have been involved with working on GStreamer since 0.6.  Most of my efforts
have been focused on the SunAudio code in gst-plugins-good and getting
GStreamer to build and work on Solaris, but I have been involved with other
areas of GStreamer from time-to-time.  Including helping with legal issues,
sorting out licensing issues, and such.  While I may not be a "core" GStreamer
developer, I'd say most of the GStreamer team knows who I am.

I thought in discussion of this bug we decided that this *is not* a GSTreamer
libcdio cdda plugin bug, and is instead an issue in libcdio directly.

Therefore, my suggestion to remove this bug as WILLNOTFIX is that this is not a
GNOME or GSTreamer bug.  The bug should probably be moved to whatever bug
tracking tool the libcdio community uses, no?

The fact that libcdio is no longer shipped with Solaris lowers the priority of
fixing Solaris specific bugs in libcdio, but as you say, I wouldn't be
surprised if this issue eventually gets fixed by someone in the free software

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