[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 377280] [cdiocddasrc] issue if drive endianness != machine endianness

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Mon Apr 23 04:16:41 PDT 2007

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------- Comment #37 from rocky at panix.com  2007-04-23 11:16 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #36)
> Rocky - 
 [Stuff not relevant to this bug deleted]
> I thought in discussion of this bug we decided that this *is not* a GSTreamer
> libcdio cdda plugin bug, and is instead an issue in libcdio directly.

The status of this bug is marked "need info" and that is appropriate. 

> Therefore, my suggestion to remove this bug as WILLNOTFIX is that this is not a
> GNOME or GSTreamer bug.  The bug should probably be moved to whatever bug
> tracking tool the libcdio community uses, no?

No. It has not been demonstrated to be a libcdio bug. The last part of comment
#14 describes what steps are needed to show this is a libcdio bug. And as late
as comment #31 I reiterated why I thought this might not a libcdio bug. 

Furthermore, since this is difficult to address totally reliably and completely
automatically in the general case, it may be desireable (if not also simple) to
add an override option in the plugin and/or front end. This would be in
gstreamer or the cdiocddasrc plugin.

> The fact that libcdio is no longer shipped with Solaris lowers the priority of
> fixing Solaris specific bugs in libcdio

To be precise, it may lower the priority of *your* fixing Solaris bugs in
libcdio and/or cdiocddasrc (although to date I don't recall any patches to the
libcdio part from Brian Cameron - I'm pretty good about noting contributions). 

However it's possible, even likely, that there are others for which none of
this matters. Clearly if folks cared about what gets shipped with Solaris,
there is much software that wouldn't have been written. (Possibly even stuff
that Sun *does* eventually ship which it did not originally write). Similarly
the same is true with Gstreamer plugins or else there wouldn't be all of those
other plugins outside the "good" category. And I suspect bugs in those other
categories are reported via this mechanism and get fixed.

The bottom line is that folks work on what they want to. Gstreamer policy may
*suggest* what's more important but it doesn't dictate it. So what I take
offense here is even the suggestion that since it's not of interest to you
and/or Sun, or that it will no longer be in the "good" category, that this
should be be marked "will not fix" and/or not of interest to other Gstreamer

, but as you say, I wouldn't be
> surprised if this issue eventually gets fixed by someone in the free software
> community.

which includes Gstreamer community ;-)

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