[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 377280] [cdiocddasrc] issue if drive endianness != machine endianness

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Mon Apr 23 08:09:09 PDT 2007

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Tim-Philipp Müller changed:

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------- Comment #38 from Tim-Philipp Müller  2007-04-23 15:09 UTC -------
> Therefore, my suggestion to remove this bug as WILLNOTFIX is that this is not a
> GNOME or GStreamer bug.

Since the signal-to-noise ratio of this bug is pluging into unknown depths
anyway, allow me to point out that it was initially suggested that this bug be
closed as WONTFIX because Sun will be moving from the libcdio-based plugin to a
different one, not because it has been established that this is a libcdio bug,
but anyway ;)

This bug hasn't been closed yet, because if something doesn't work with our
current cdiocddasrc plugin there's a bug here somewhere, and that should still
be looked into, whether Sun intends to use this particular plugin or not.

This is also independent of whether we want to add an override to specify the
drive endianness or not (we might want to do that, but it's not really a proper

Maybe there's a way we can resolve the questions raised in comment #14?

Rocky: are there some straight forward commands (like, e.g., 'cd-read
--mode=audio --number=1000 | gzip > log1.gz') that Chris or someone else could
run on different machines and where the output logs would be useful for you if
they were attached to this bug report? (apologies for the awful grammer, you
know what I mean)

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