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------- Comment #4 from Tim-Philipp Müller  2007-04-25 08:15 UTC -------
> In a totally unrelated side note:
> 1. why does ximagesink doesn't work as a video sink in the pipeline I'm using?
> Only xvimagesink works.

Because it only supports RGB video, not YUV video. It should work fine if you
put an ffmpegcolorspace converter element in front of it (takes more cpu

Btw, you should probably also put a queue after the tee in the videosink part,
ie.  tee ! queue ! xvimagesink

> 2. why the video being "played" on the xvimagesink goes incredibly slow but the
> recorded video (the ogg produced) is fine?
> Could it be associated to my previous problem?

Yes, the videosink does QoS (Quality of Service) by default and will drop
frames if it doesn't receive them in time / can't display them fast enough. You
can disable that with qos=false on the videosink, but I'm not sure it will
improve things in general. You might also want to use sync=false on the
videosink, since you have live sources in your pipeline which already sync to
the clock (so buffers will usually arrive to late at the sink and then be
dropped, because your version of GStreamer doesn't take into account pipeline
latency yet).

[Re-opening and closing again because if the resolution is 'fixed' it will
appear in the release notes]

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