[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 430085] aac encoder output not interoperable with aac decoder, possibly erroneous

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------- Comment #3 from Gautier Portet  2007-04-28 18:08 UTC -------
I wanted to add aac support to SoundConverter, but I'm unable to get a valid
mp4/m4a file, as described in this bug report.

mp4/m4a files are detected by gstreamer as "audio/x-m4a", but with "faac !
ffmux_mp4" we generate "video/quicktime"

I see that the mp4 header contains "ftypM4A" and the gstreamer encoded

After some tests, the file encoded with faac + ffmux_mp4 is unreadable
(distorted, skipping...).

With "faac outputformat=1", the result is better, but lacks a container, and
the sound is still distorted. 

I also tested with the faac command line encoder, and the distorsion is also
present, so the bad sound problem come from them.
The container problem may need an option in ffmux_mp4 ?

btw, you may want to add "profile=LOW" to faac to be sure it can be read
see: http://www.audiocoding.com/modules/wiki/?id=LC

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