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------- Comment #8 from Tim-Philipp Müller  2009-04-15 12:52 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> 1) Jan's question: the last test succeeds with ximagesink and failed with
> xvimagesink

This indicates xvimagesink does not support RGB in your case.

> 2) The failure occurs between v4l2src and ffmpegcolorspace.

You don't know where it occurs in case of a not-negotiated error at run-time.
The flow return will be passed upstream to the element driving the pipeline
(here: v4l2src) and that element will post an error message. The error may have
occured somewhere further down though.

> The same test using python and dumping bus messages shows that the other links
> succeed, capability v4l2src<-->ffmpefcolorspace being the last step of
> negociations.

Linking happens in NULL state based on the *theoretically possible* caps.
Negotiation will happen later based on the *actually supported* caps, and will
lead to a not-negotiated run-time error in case elements are linked that don't
work together using the actually supported caps.

> 3) your assumption that xvimagesink does not support rgb is improbable as in
> this case the failure would have occured at the link filter<-->xvimagesink

See comments above: linking is done based on theoretically supported caps,
before xvimagesink has even had a chance to query the actually supported caps
from the Xv adaptor.

> 4) the last test forces a fully specified capability, the same with ximage and
> xvimage so that what happens upstream should not depend on the sink.

That is correct in terms of what happens upstream should not depend on the sink
- but what do you think that means/implies?

Please do the following:

 $ GST_DEBUG=xvimagesink:5 gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc num-buffers=1 !
xvimagesink 2>dbg.log

and attach dbg.log to this bug report, thanks!

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