[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 577318] rtspsrc appears to be leaking memory

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Fri Apr 24 08:35:37 PDT 2009

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------- Comment #13 from Patrick Radizi  2009-04-24 15:35 UTC -------
It leaks memory also if you just run against the same rtps server the whole
time. I modified the test program so that it just connects to the rtsp server
and then streams forever (to fakesink). This seems to leaks about 2 bytes/sec.

I used valgrind on this test, it does not directly give the error but the
reachable data can be seen increasing if you run the test a longer time period.
I did one test for 180 sec and one test for 3600 sec. I then compared the
valgrind output of these two. There where three sections that showed that more
memory had been allocated for the section in the 3600s vs the 180s version. I
haven't been able to figure out if this can be used to find the leak because it
looks a bit strange. They all originate from gst_init() in the call sequence
and that is strange since this is only called once. I have attached a file with
these three valgrind sections to this case.

The memory increase of these three sections after 1 hour was :
section 1: 1845 bytes
section 2: 306 bytes
section 3: 2464 bytes

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